Flue Gas Desulfurization Operations Trainee

Dynegy Power LLC - Moscow, OH

The FGD Operations Trainee under close or direct supervision, works on a rotating shift schedule, cleans equipment when operating o r shut down, and assi s ts other operators in t he disch ar g e o f the i r duties, as directed.

Cleaning a nd lubricating equipment, in clud i n g changing o i l. Keeps areas clean and free of de br i s, as assigned .
A s si s ting other operators during periods o f s t a rt u p and shutdown o f equipment and during perio d s of emergency.
Assis t in g in general mai n te nance, as directed.
Successful completion of the Operations Trainee job d u ty checklist, as well as items i n the Assistant Auxiliary Operator's job duty checklist as required by the Company.
Com p letin g all training a n d testing requirements of t he j o b.
Completing all log e n trie s and all necess a ry documentation for work as s i g nments. Communicate i n fo rm at i o n as required at shift turnover.
Compliance with all environmental, health, and safety (EHS) regulations.
P e rformin g other similar o r less s killed w or k, and other duties as assigned.

No pre v i o us experience necessary.
Must h ave a mechanical and/or electrical aptitude.
Must be able to w or k in a variety of environments including hot, cold, damp, and confined spaces.
Must be able to climb a nd work from a ladder or scaffold.
Must h a ve a cooperative temperament in a team environment.
Must be able to receive and clearly transmit ord e rs and instructions in such a way as to obtain cooperation and satisfactory work results from others.
Must mainta i n a valid driver's lic en se.
Must demonstrate the ability to perform the duties of t his job classification through the medium of tes t s.
Job Family

Plant Operations

Dynegy Power LLC

Zimmer Plant
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