Recreation Aide

City of Westminster, CO - Westminster, CO (30+ days ago)

The Recreation Aide is responsible to ensure the safety of facility guests by monitoring and supervising recreation facility weight rooms, stretch and tone area, lobby, locker rooms, racquetball courts, community rooms and classrooms. Work includes inspections, preventative maintenance and cleaning of weight room and fitness equipment, upkeep of common areas in the facility and assisting with room set up and tear down, rule enforcement, and the demonstration and instruction on how to use safely all equipment. May also provide Guest Relations/Clerk support that could include processing guests for admissions and classes, disseminating information and giving building tours/orientations. Position requires working evenings, weekends, holidays and requires ability to travel to work at all City facilities as needed.

The full salary range for this position is stated above. The starting range of pay is dependent on qualifications and experience of each individual candidate. The City of Westminster offers a bonus of up to $1,500 per year depending on the employee's fluency in Spanish, Hmong, and/or Laotian.


The mission of every employee at the City of Westminster is to deliver exceptional value and quality of life through SPIRIT. Each employee is measured by the ability to adhere to the City's core values of Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, and Teamwork.

This position supports the goals of the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department, which enhances the quality of life for all Westminster citizens by providing diverse leisure, recreational and informational services and resources; and acquiring, developing and maintaining first-class parks, facilities, open space and recreational trails. This position works towards the accomplishment of the Departments mission: "Together we create exceptional opportunities for a vibrant community with a commitment to nature, wellness and literacy".

Every employee is accountable to:
  • Demonstrate a high level of customer service; encourage others to focus on the customer; foster an environment where customer service is a priority
  • Communicate with customers to ensure that, where possible, they are satisfied, and that their needs are being addressed; solicit and evaluate customer feedback
  • Act as an ambassador by understanding and fostering the organization's mission and vision
  • Exhibit pride in self, the department, the city, and the community; conduct self in a professional manner
  • Demonstrate integrity and build trust through credibility, reliability, commitment, loyalty, and ethical behavior
  • Address difficult or contentious issues in a constructive manner
  • Support/promote change; demonstrate flexibility and takes calculated risks when appropriate
  • Participate in personal growth opportunities, and attend trainings designed to enhance capacity to bring new skills and ideas to the job and the organization
  • Work to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service or product being delivered
  • Demonstrate support for team efforts by accepting new roles and responsibilities, and helping others achieve objectives
  • Value diversity; demonstrate an awareness of differences; demonstrate sensitivity, and adapt behaviors and communication to accommodate these differences
Citywide - Every employee in this position is accountable to:
  • Establish effective interpersonal relationships through honest, open communication and follow-through on commitments
  • Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses, and target areas for personal self-development
  • Demonstrate initiative in performing job tasks
  • Exhibit problem-solving skills leading to sound judgment and quality decisions
  • Achieve goals, handle assigned workload and new assignments effectively; demonstrate an ability to work independently
  • Communicate effectively with individuals and groups using clear and concise verbal and written communications
  • Demonstrate accountability for work, and take ownership in job performance
  • Demonstrate concern for the accuracy and quality of work; take steps to correct mistakes and improve the overall product
Job Specific – Every employee in this position must be able to:
  • Clean weight room and fitness equipment by use of cleaning agents and appropriate equipment
  • Administer preventative maintenance to weight room and fitness equipment including cardiovascular pieces (stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines), free weights, and various others
  • Demonstrate the use of various types of weight room equipment such as free weights and cardiovascular pieces to guests
  • Educate guests about information regarding different fitness classes
  • Approach and educate guests about following center policies
  • Use diplomacy to diffuse potentially volatile situations between guests
  • Make proper judgments on strategies to handle altercations
  • Operate a wide variety of recreational equipment for a variety of recreation programs/activities
  • Use computer and computer keyboard


Essential Job Functions, Duties, Responsibilities, and Tasks
1. Monitors activities in the building, specifically weight room, fitness, and common areas, to ensure the safety and protection of facility guests and equipment
  • Demonstrates use of weight room equipment, fitness class check-in and monitoring
  • Cleans and conducts preventative maintenance on equipment
  • Maintains documentation of cleaning and equipment repair
  • Sets up and takes down of equipment
2. Informs and enforces facility guidelines procedures and rules in a diplomatic manner
3. Determines when circumstances or altercations are unsafe and follows center emergency procedures
4. Backs up Guest Relations/Clerk station using recreation computer software and cash handling when necessary
5. Ability to work courteously with the public and support the City of Westminster guest/host philosophy and SPIRIT values
6. Attends meetings as scheduled 7. Maintains regular and punctual attendance
Other Duties and Responsibilities
1. Knowledge of first aid, CPR and AED procedures common in a recreation environment
2. Ability to act quickly and calmly in emergency situations, making proper judgments as to the correct course of action
3. Administers first aid and reports injuries
4. Reports equipment in need of repairs puts unsafe equipment out of order
5. Provides information about the City of Westminster and the programs offered in the seasonal program guide
6. Disseminate information out via bulletin boards
7. Responsible for keeping management apprised of any operational or staff issues that are observed
Incumbent is accountable for all duties of this job, and other projects and responsibilities may be added at the City's discretion.


Education, Experience, Skills, Formal Training, Licenses, and Certifications
  • Graduation from high school or GED
  • Completed or ability to obtain first aid and CPR certification within 60 days of employment
  • Experience with computer and computer keyboard
  • Customer service/guest relations experience to include approaching and informing customers or guests about following organizational guidelines
  • Experience with proper cleaning techniques and use of cleaning agents on weight room and fitness equipment
  • Experience administering preventative maintenance to weight room and fitness equipment to include, but not limited to: cardiovascular pieces (stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines), free weights, and various types of fitness equipment
  • Experience demonstrating the use of various types of weight room equipment such as free weights, select weight equipment, and cardiovascular pieces to guests or clients
  • Experience defusing potentially volatile situations between center guests and handling potential altercations
  • Experience in the area of physical fitness training
Any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and skills, may be considered.
Physical Requirements
Work is physical in nature and involves:
  • Constant near acuity and hearing is needed to perform daily functions and communicate with patrons and staff
  • Occasional exposure to wet/humid environments in the pool and locker room area
  • Frequent squatting, kneeling, bending, and twisting to demonstrate proper lifting techniques, and maintain weight room appearance; constant standing, walking, and climbing in a multi-level facility to observe recreation center activity for safety and hazards
  • Frequently lifting of fifty (50) pounds from floor to waist, thirty-five (35) pounds from floor overhead to set up tables and chairs and stock supplies; frequently carry, push, and pull fifty (50) pounds of weights, supplies, Pilates equipment, carts, volleyball posts, Genie equipment, and material up to 100 feet; occasional carrying of up to 100 pounds of weights, supplies, and materials up to ten (10) feet
  • Due to the occasional use of hand tools, fine motor skills along with firm grasp and frequent reaching below shoulder and overhead is needed
Work in this position is constantly performed indoor with occasional outdoor activity in extreme temperatures. Work is performed in a public recreation facility where high volume and noise can be a distraction along with frequent exposure to cleaning chemicals.
Required Materials and Equipment
Equipment used may include computers, keyboards, copy/fax machines, telephones, calculators, televisions, audio/visual equipment (VCR, DVD, CD, etc.), public service announcement equipment, small hand tools such as hammer, screwdrivers, tape measurers, a variety of recreational equipment, and maintenance tools. Must be able to operate a wide variety of recreational equipment for a variety of recreation programs/activities.

  • Background checks will include employment references and criminal history and when applicable, credit check, driver's license record, education verification
  • Drug screen
  • Physical
  • Must be legally entitled to work in the United States