Maintenance Technician


30+ days agoFull-time$17 an hour
Department: (1) Reporting Department: Maintenance (2) Working Department: Plant wide

Job Title: Maintenance Technician

Hours: Training will be completed on day shift: 8 hr days

Shifts after training:
(1) Day shift: 8 hr days: (Monday- Friday) (2) 12 hr Nights (Alternating days: 36 and 48 hrs weekly) (3) 12 hr Days (Alternating days: 36 and 48 hrs weekly)

Note: 1)Placement on shifts will be determined by availability, need, and assessed ability 2) Must have a valid phone number on file and accept call outs 3) Willing to work overtime at a moment’s notice, and work until the job is completed

Starting Salary: Refer to current wage schedule (available in the HR office)

Job Objective: (1) Monitor, maintain, and execute maintenance duties throughout the plant (2) Industrial Operators responsibilities (as defined) (3) Misc. duties as directed

Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor

Prior Experience: Maintenance experience and general knowledge in the following areas: electrical (high priority), 480/3 phase, welding, plumbing, motor control, schematic reading/ troubleshooting, operation of Waste Treatment, knowledge of pumps, and ability to read and interpret manuals.

*** Note: Applicants will be required to complete a short Entry Level Test to assess existing skills. A passing grade must be issued in order to be considered for the open Maintenance Technician Position(s)

Manages Others or Works With Others: Must work well with others, as a team, or alone

Punctuality: Must arrive to work on time, return promptly from lunch/ breaks, and maintain good attendance

Required Personal Protection Equipment: (1) safety glasses or prescription safety glasses (2) safety toe boots (3) other PPE, to be determined per task (4) refer to employee handbook for dress code policies

***All PPE must meet current ANSI and OSHA standards and be approved by AACOA***

Hazards: Must have an acute awareness of hazards within the plant

Areas of Certification, Special Training, and Testing: Safety, education/training courses, and other testing and training

Required Tool and Equipment Usage: Refer to attached Hand Tool/ Mobile Equipment List

General Duties and Responsibilities:
Maintain safety (including housekeeping), quality, and productivity to meet daily goals

Communicate information to insure open communication and maximize productivity

Monitor, maintain, and execute: Preventative, operational, and correctional maintenance duties

Execute facility and machine preventative maintenance duties as assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor

Responsible for/ accountable for operational and corrective facility and machine maintenance as needed

***Note: A Daily List will be assigned to each Maintenance Technician. The list will be followed. (The Maintenance Supervisor reserves the right to edit the list at any given time based on need)

*** See attached

Maintenance Technician General Duties Checklist for more specifics

Industrial Operators responsibilities as defined

on the Utility and Maintenance Industrial Operator Responsibilities Checklist

Day shift Maintenance Technician: Refer to: Weekend Maintenance (Days) Section 3

Night shift Maintenance Technician: Refer to:
Nightly Maintenance Section 2

Misc. duties as directed

Including, but not limited to: grounds work, janitorial activities, handling chemicals, setting up/ finishing/ and/or cleaning up after projects

Job Requirements:
Pass all certifications, training, testing, and qualification requirements

Perform assigned tasks to support objectives of team, departments, and Company

Ability to use all tools and equipment required for maintaining/ repairing the facility

Complete Mandatory Session Training within allotted timeframe

Medium to heavy physical demand, frequent: lifting, stooping, kneeling, balancing, reaching, walking, standing, sitting, pushing loaded carts, and operating machinery may be required. Must be able to work at heights up to 40 feet. Must have an acute awareness of conditions and hazards associated with the job

Must be able to lift up to 50lbs, and less frequently, up to 100lbs with help. Constant lifting in the 1- 20lb range

May require additional duties as required by the Line and Floor Supervisors (limited to time and capabilities of Maintenance Technician and immediate need (priority) of task)

Ability to work independently without constant supervision


Team Player

Self motivated by safety, quality, and productivity


Exhibit consistent performance in productivity, quality, and expectations without constant supervision

Drive to succeed

Learn and apply new tasks, procedures, and continuing education as required