Medical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor

Mountain View Hospital at Blackfoot Medical Center - Blackfoot, ID


Blackfoot Medical Center is searching for an MLS team member who is driven and eager to manage the laboratory, as well as enhance their skills working with providers who serve the community and surrounding area where they live.

Family Practice, OB/Delivery, Pediatrics, and General Surgery offer a wide variety of exposure to the rewarding world of advancing medicine.


  • Review quality controls, calibrations, calibration verifications, and proficiency testing.
  • In charge of ordering supplies, plan new testing, prices of testing and maintain all records.
  • Responsible for onboarding new employees and training. Continuing education for laboratory employees.
  • Conducting 30,60,90 day evaluations on all employees. Conducting annual evaluations on all employees.
  • Reviewing, conducting, and maintaining quarterly employee bonuses and criteria.
  • Problem-solving and maintaining professionalism in all laboratory contact. Ability to work well with others; be a positive example and motivating personality within the clinic.
  • Willing to work along with staff with their jobs. Provide good quality care to patients needing lab services. Directs personnel in the care of patients.
  • Acts as a resource for lower level personnel.
  • Assist in resolving patient concerns.
  • Attend meetings and be part of committees as needed.
  • Helps maintain budget and watches all costs annually.
  • Will be involved in administrative duties such as:
  • Scheduling.
  • Education.
  • Training.
  • Charting and reviewing of charts.
  • Resolving or reporting employee issues.
  • Budget monitoring.
  • Supply management and any necessary tasks for smooth clinic operation.
  • Hiring of new staff members.
  • Discipline of staff members as needed.
  • Regular evaluations of staff.
  • Works with other supervisors in the clinic to create smooth operation of the clinic and cohesion of the departments.
  • Conducts regular meetings with staff.
  • All other duties as deemed necessary by management.


  • Medical Laboratory Science Certification required.
  • 2 years in lab services required and management experience preferred.
  • Computer skills and understanding of lab equipment/controls/calibrations.
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Ability to maintain effective and organized systems to ensure lab operations.
  • Able to communicate and work well with others.

Full Time position requiring some weekends and holidays is available.

Job Type: Full-time