Talent Acquisition Manager

17Media - Culver City, CA


Title: Head of Talent Management


  • Coordinate the recruitment, auditioning, and training of live-streaming talents
  • Create & manage talent contracts for successful recruitment and economics
  • Become an expert in live-streaming hosting and rigorously train talents
  • Oversee talent performance to achieve company KPIs
  • Grow the talent community, including holding talent gathering events each month
  • Partner closely with KOL agencies to achieve goals
  • Manage talent-related issues, personalities, and community to be positive, ambitious, and best-in-class
  • Continually lead projects relating to talent management


  • 6 years+ working experience is a must
  • Experience in sales or entertainment industry is preferred
  • Strong eye for talent
  • Outstanding social and communication skills
  • Ability to manage strong personalities in a smooth & friendly way
  • Exceptional teamwork and self-motivated to be able to work individually

Location: Culver City, CA, with possible occasional travel to other US cities

Start Date: ASAP / Oct 1, 2018

Salary & Benefits:

  • Contractor / Consultant to start, may evolve into full-time employee role
  • 6 month contract, 2 month trial/probation period
  • $80,000 - $120,000 / year
  • Company covers business travel, meals, etc.
  • Flexible hours, as needed to reach goals

职位类型:全职, 合同工