Remote Site Technician

Infinity Systems Engineering - Remote5.0

The GEARSS contract is the vehicle the GPS program sustainment organization (SMC/GPL) will use to satisfy the AFSPC/CC vision that all sustainment contracts for mission system maintenance and support would fall under SMC contract management and administration. GEARSS provides organizational maintenance and operational support services to the operational unit that will include remote site technicians, Network Administrative Officers (NAO) and operations support.

Required Skills: During the performance of this entire contract, the following services are required:

1) Perform Remote Site maintenance and operations support per maintenance TOs to include but not limited to, providing maintenance manning on-site for a minimum of 8 hours per day, five days per week.

2) Perform site-specific essential duties as required, to meet mission requirements

3) Perform remote site safety for all on-site facilities (ground safety), all on-site GEARSS contractor personnel (industrial safety) and mission system safety

4) Perform Emergency Management requirements for all on-site GEARSS contractors

5) Perform COMSEC Responsible Officer (CRO) duties for all mission locations that require handling of COMSEC materials

DEGREE REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree or equivalent years of experience

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Minimum of 2 years’ experience remote site operations, with preference of GPS operations

LOCATION: GPS Remote Site at Diego Garcia


START DATE: Immediate

DISCLAIMER: U.S. Citizenship is required.