Cook- Part-Time

Heartis Conroe - Conroe, TX


SUMMARY: This position requires that you accept the responsibility for the delivery of services provided by the DiningServices Department. You will be accountable to monitor the activities and behavior for the residents of theCommunity so that the care, services, and activities of each resident is appropriate and delivered to them in acontinuous, predictable, and efficient manner. You must coordinate and communicate with all food servicesand other team members in maintaining a holistic perspective of care and services for each resident. Alsoactively engage yourself in supporting, introducing, and implementing activities that maximize each resident’sidentity, abilities, and interests.Provide the highest quality food preparation, plate presentation and prompt service to all residents. He/shemust possess general knowledge of and demonstrate proficiency in various food preparation techniques,serving methods, and portion control standards, and general nutritional requirements for residents ofretirement housing communities.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Personally get to know residents of the Community by communicating with other team members anddepartments, reviewing appropriate resident records, and direct conversation with residents.2. Participate in the orientation of each new resident of the Community to their new living environment, to youas a team member, to other team members, and to all other residents. Follow and actively participate in allresident orientation practices and procedures which have been and will continually be developed to ease thedisorientation, confusion and withdrawal, for each new resident. Remain as closely involved as possible in allactivities and therapies of your residents to ease their anxiety while they become accustomed to their newand unfamiliar living environment. Explain the amenities, routines, and expectations of the Community andyour department and discuss their unique needs and preferences with them as often as necessary to easetheir transition.3. Perform all dietary services mentioned in Resident's Handbook and Care Plan. Continually observe eachresidents ability to perform basic daily living activities (ADL's) and social skills, communicate observations andrefer potential difficulties or opportunities for resident improvement to the appropriate team members (teamleaders, supervisors, manager).4. When called upon, participate in care planning and other formal and informal meetings to identify andconfirm recommended actions that develop and reinforce resident’s full potential to live independently andage in place graciously. Work individually on a consistent basis each day to expand the number of activities ofdaily living the residents perform for himself/herself. Encourage and motivate each resident to do as muchfor themselves as possible but take time, if necessary to assist when required.5. Recommendation of, and involvement in food services programs that will stimulate and maximize theirunique interests and attributes for each resident is your responsibility, and should be based on a first handknowledge of the residents likes, dislikes, beliefs, and interests. Plan your daily work schedule in a way thatwill maximize time for personal individualized interaction with residents of the Community. Use the timewhen providing service to encourage participation in individual and group activities so as to develop improvedfuture ADL skills.Page 2 of 3Frontier Management LLCJob Description - CookRevised: 2/28/20176. Record and use all pertinent information from resident records regarding effective methods used in effectingcommunication with, motivation of, and assistance to each resident.7. Request additional guidance, training, and support as necessary to make your work with each resident reachtheir full potential for a safe, healthy and meaningful lifestyle in the Community. Participate in all requiredtraining, orientation, meetings and programs offered by employer.8. Promptly discuss and resolve any potential food services and care coordination problems with all involvedteam members and team leaders.9. Be cost conscious at all times.10. Work with Dining Services Director to see that leftovers are used and inventories are properly managed tokeep costs in line.11. Be familiar with and comply with all state and local health department practices, safety practices and infectioncontrol practices.12. Maintain high level of professionalism, and customer service orientation with all residents and other teammembers.13. Under the direction of the Dining Services Director, prepare soup, sauces, salads, and desserts, according toestablished standards and recipes. Prepare all regular and special menu items for all meals that occur duringyour shifts.14. Break down and clean your work area as assigned by cleaning schedule and Dining Services Director. Cleanpots and pans and other wares as necessary.15. Label and date all food before storing.16. Secure and lock all walk-in storage, refrigerators, and freezers. Lock back door entry.17. Present a professional demeanor that communicates to current and prospective residents the corporatephilosophy of service, goodwill, and genuine interest in the resident’s unique needs. Conduct yourself andyour business at all times so as not to detract from or reflect adversely on the reputation of the community.Handle all resident concerns and complaints with finesse and in a caring, polite and professional manner.18. Communicate and channel to supervisor, all resident, personnel, and other matters and information whichcould concern or be in any way beneficial to employer.19. While on duty, diligently and conscientiously devote your full and exclusive time and attention, your best skillsand efforts, to the discharge of your duties.20. Promote a thorough and continuous understanding among all employees of the importance of the foodservices department to the quality of life for all residents and prospective residents.21. Perform such other tasks as may be required from time to time by the management of the community

Job Type: Part-time


  • professional cooking: 1 year (Preferred)
  • cook: 1 year (Required)


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


  • Food Handler (Required)


  • English (Required)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

Work Location:

  • One location