Commercial Multi-Building Engineer

Goodman Realty Group - Denver, CO (30+ days ago)

Job Summary

Job Title: Commercial Multi-Building Engineer in the Denver area

Job Description:

Must have maintenance or tradesman skillset to keep building and equipment maintained and repaired to insure safety and proper functions. Must have some skills in the following; HVAC, plumbing, maintenance of doors and locks, electrical, sewers and drains, pumps, gates and fences and sprinklers. Documentation and record keeping are also required. This is an on call position.


  • Use tools ranging from common hand tools and power tools.
  • Perform routine preventative maintenance to ensure that equipment continues to operate smoothly, building systems operate efficiently, or the physical condition of building and equipment does not deteriorate.
  • Perform routine inspections of properties interior and exterior condition such, lighting, roofs, pumps, doors, windows, stairs, life safety equipment, safety rails, sidewalks, parking lots and landscaping.
  • Troubleshoot and calibrate pneumatic controls
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose plumbing and mechanical problems
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs and ballasts
  • Clean and lubricate motors and drives such as, door and gate opening and closing devices, door and gate hinges and latches, lubricate moving parts on machinery
  • Repair and replace defective equipment parts
  • Patching and touch up of walls, hallways and exterior structures
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of work area, shops and storage areas
  • Setting and adjusting of timers such as lighting and irrigation
  • Writing of inspection reports, work orders and time sheets

Tools Used

  • Pneumatic calibration tools, cell phone, digital camera, computer, power equipment, lifts, ladders, pumps

Knowledge needed

  • Mechanical – Knowledge of machines and tools, including their uses, repair and maintenance
  • Commercial building and construction – Knowledge of materials, methods, and tools involved in the construction or repair of buildings
  • Public and personal safety – Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures and strategies to promote effective operations for the protection of people, property and equipment
  • Technology – Basic knowledge of computers, Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel


  • Pneumatic system skills and DDC operating skills
  • Troubleshooting – Determining causes of operating errors and making practical decisions about how to correct the problem.
  • Interpersonal skills – Ability to communicate with people spanning a wide range of occupations
  • Monitoring – Checking meters, gauges, controllers and condition of property to document readings or make adjustments

Work Activities

  • Responding to calls to investigate problems at various locations and report findings
  • Communicating with Supervisors, managers, security personnel and co-workers
  • Monitoring utilities, condition of equipment, property and building operations
  • Document time worked, materials used, items purchased, inspections conducted, tests completed and scheduled maintenance performed.


Denver, Colorado


Job Type: Full-time


  • Building Maintenance: 3 years