Events Coordinator (Civic Center)

City of Lubbock, TX - Lubbock, TX2.8

Assists clients in arranging Civic Center facilities and services for various events. Promotes Civic Center facilities to organizations and the public.

Respond to initial inquiries from organizations and the public regarding availability and type of Civic Center facilities, rental rates, rental policies
and procedures, etc.;
Meet with lessees and prospective lessees to determine event needs,
schedule, and arrangements;
Maintain booking schedule to avoid double booking of events;
Oversee preparation and mailing of lessee contracts;
Oversee all advertising and public relations;
Collect all charges associated with rental of Civic Center;
Assist the Convention and Tourism Bureau by attending promotional
meetings and making promotional trips;
Function as event management coordinator during assigned periods or
events, and handle event problems and show settlements;
Perform related duties as directed.

Completion of a bachelor degree with an additional two years of experience in public relations or a related field; or any combination of relevant education and experience which provides the following:

Valid Current Driver's License

Knowledge of:
Basic convention facility operations;
Methods and procedures used in booking events and attractions at a public assembly facility.

Ability to:
Work effectively with organizations and the public;
Communicate effectively with others;
Maintain accurate records.
Physical Requirements
Occasionally walk and kneel during the shift
Frequently bend during the shift
Frequently lift and carry up to 10 pounds
Occasionally flex upper trunk forward at the waist and partially at the knees
Frequently rotate upper trunk to the left or right while sitting or standing
Place arm at and below shoulder height