Licensed Clinical Director (LCSW required)

Bobby Benson Center - Waialua, HI

Full-time$70,000 a year

Clinical Director

The primary responsibility of the Clinical Director is to oversee all clinical aspects of the Bobby Benson Center treatment program. The Clinical Director must possess expertise in the treatment of chemically dependent adolescents, including co-occurring disorders. The Clinical Director provides direct supervision of the Addiction Counselors, the Therapists, program managers and all youth counselors who function as permanent shift leaders. The Clinical Director conducts weekly case review and oversees all client treatment plans. All treatment programming issues, client treatment concerns including behavioral/emotional concerns are the direct responsibility of the Clinical Director. The Clinical Director is also responsible for conducting ongoing training for all clinical staff on: Professional Boundaries, Behavioral Management, Substance Use Disorders, Dual-Diagnoses and other related topics. The Clinical Director must be available on an on-call basis for client emergencies.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring the treatment program adequately addresses the needs of chemically dependent adolescents.
  • Ensures that the dignity and welfare of the clients are protected in all aspects of treatment programming.
  • Serves as Mental Health Rights advisor to clients and their families.
  • Supervises Addiction Counselors, the Therapists, program managers and all youth counselors who are shift leaders and provides supervision to the other clinical supervisors.
  • Conducts weekly case review and oversees all treatment plans.
  • Reviews and revises treatment programming as needed to meet the needs of chemically dependent adolescents.
  • Ensures that treatment plans address other diagnostic concerns of clients (i.e. Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, Depression, etc.).
  • Ensures that clients’ treatment plans and related documentation are developed and implemented in a timely fashion.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the resident files are updated, maintained, secured and monitored in a most confidential manner of privacy.
  • Provides training to all clinical staff on Professional Boundaries, Behavioral Management, Adolescent Development, Substance Use Disorders, Dual-Diagnoses (Conduct disorder, oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Depressive and Anxiety Disorders, etc.) and any other needed related topic.
  • Ensures that all clinical staff respects the safety, welfare and dignity of the clients. Whenever there is a concern that a clinical staff person is having difficulties with clients (i.e. boundary issues, power-struggles, counter-transference, etc.), that is beyond the scope of routine supervision, the Clinical Director will meet with that staff person to develop a staff improvement plan.
  • Provides prompt feedback to all clinical staff via memo regarding changes in programming, concerns about consistency, rule changes, etc.
  • Completes discharge summaries on all clients after initially prepared by the client’s assigned primary therapist.
  • Ensures that the curriculum and treatment materials that are used for group therapy, Chemical Dependency Education, Life Skills, Anger Management, Smoking Cessation, etc. are relevant and specific to the needs of adolescents.
  • Ensures, under the direction of the Executive Director, that the treatment program meets all clinical standard requirements of ADAD, CAMHD, CARF, etc.
  • Brings any concerns related to clinical staff performance to the immediate attention of the Executive Director.
  • Maintains on-call availability for any clinical concerns.
  • Assesses appropriateness of staff response to any significant clinical event by reviewing incident reports and debriefing with relevant staff.
  • Provides final approval for all intakes and discharges.
  • Participates in the Quality Assurance Program by participating in at least one committee.
  • Maintains CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Assists Executive Director as needed with any related clinical task.
  • In the absence of the Executive Director, the Clinical Director will be responsible for the overview of the facility.
  • Willingly performs other duties as assigned.
  • Meets all credentialing and re-credentialing requirements.

Demonstrates leadership skills:

  • Appropriate communication/information.
  • Appropriate feedback to staff about performance.
  • Resolution of conflicts
  • Appropriate role model
  • Consistently demonstrates commitment to the mission of BBC.
  • Dependability - follows instructions well, on-time for work, no unplanned absences except in the event of an emergency.
  • Cooperates with co-workers and supervisors. Good team player, professional and will always do full share of work.
  • Client Care – practices clear professional boundaries at all times.
  • Knowledge of Job – has comprehensive understanding of job, grasps details. Able to practice all job tasks with minimum supervision.
  • Problem Solving – does not complain or blame others, solution oriented, open to constructive criticism and self-improvement.
  • Rule Adherence – thoroughly knows and follows BBC policies and procedures without formal corrective action. Meets timelines for required physicals, TB clearance, supervision, training, and documentation.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $70,000.00 /year


  • Leadership: 2 years (Preferred)


  • Hawaii (Preferred)
  • LCSW (Required)
  • CPR Certification (Preferred)