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Last updated at 09-16-2020 18:32:20



More than 7,209 companies advertise 32,809 Customer Success Manager jobs on SimplyHired and its partner sites each year. After analyzing job postings and salary information from these companies, as well as direct job seeker feedback, we’ve compiled a list of insights to show you how to attract and hire your next Customer Success Manager most efficiently.

Hiring Process

In the past quarter, we’ve seen 7,745 job posts from 3,032 employers in the United States. This is a decrease of 9.0% compared to the previous quarter. On average, there are 138 Customer Success Manager job seekers for every active Customer Success Manager job, which shows that it is an employer's market.

Writing a Job Description

In the past quarter, Customer Success Manager, Customer Service Representative, Account Manager, Administrative Assistant, Account Executive, Call Center Representative, Sales Representative, Project Manager, Customer Service Manager, and Receptionist seem to be the most sought after jobs amongst the Customer Success Manager candidates in the United States. This differs from the last six quarters, where the most popular titles were: Customer Success Manager, Customer Service Representative, Account Manager, Administrative Assistant, Account Executive, Sales Representative, Project Manager, Call Center Representative, Customer Service Manager, and Operations Manager. If you use one of these currently popular titles in the job description, you'll likely be able to attract a lot more candidates to apply.

For the Customer Success Manager candidates who are actively applying to jobs in this same period, we see that 3.7% of the active Customer Success Manager candidates have less than 3 years of experience, 15.1% have between 3-5 years of experience, 33.2% have 6-10 years of experience, and 48.0% have over 10 years of experience. The average years of experience has shifted from an estimated 11.0 years to 11.3 years. If you're posting a job in today's market, expect candidates with about the same experience level to apply to your job compared to the last 2 quarters.

In the previous quarter, the most popular skills that employers are looking for include communication skills, account management, customer service, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, project management, Salesforce, saas, analysis skills, and sales. Demand for English, linux, windows, computer networking, computer skills, google suite, software development, python, Spanish, and Microsoft Excel has significantly increased. If you are looking for a Customer Success Manager with a similar skill set, be sure to follow industry best practices in skill requirements.

Job posts with salary information received about 2.0 as many applies as those without it. In the past quarter, less than 13.7% of the job posts displayed salary information. By adding salary information to your job posting, you could potentially increase the number of applicants by approximately 100.0%.

Example Customer Success Manager responsibilities

  • Manage customer support for business-to-business software tools
  • Analyze user feedback and uSage patterns to determine how to improve products
  • Research customer data to discover trends and make recommendations for how to improve the business
  • Provide customers with training materials and webinars for new product features
  • Create analytics reports on product performance and customer behavior


Active Recruiting

When reaching out to candidates, it’s best to understand where to look. We’ve identified hiring trends in states as well as companies regularly hiring for Customer Success Manager positions. This should provide a good place to start looking for qualified candidates. According to our data in the last quarter: California, Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida are the states that have the highest demand for Customer Success Managers. California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois are where most job seekers are searching for Customer Success Manager jobs. If we look at the Customer Success Manager to job ratio, New Mexico, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska have the lowest number of Customer Success Manager applicants per job. Tennessee, Mississippi, Maine, Missouri, and Oklahoma have the most active Customer Success Manager job seekers per job.

Passive Recruiting

While actively recruiting candidates for your role, you should also post your job to SimplyHired. By posting for free and paying only for the qualified applicants you want, your post will automatically go to a network of job boards to reach millions of qualified candidates. With SimplyHired, it doesn’t end with the post. You can track your applicants throughout the hiring process with our simple and easy to use Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Review Candidates

In the last quarter, we estimate there are 1,071,295 job seekers interested in Customer Success Manager opportunities in the United States. That’s a 41.4% increase compared to the previous quarter with 757,777 active job seekers. Around 3.7% of the active Customer Success Manager candidates have less than 3 years of experience, over 15.1% have between 3-5 years of experience, 33.2% have 6-10 years of experience, and 48.0% have over 10 years of experience. The average experience level of the available Customer Success Manager candidates is 11.3 years. Active candidates in the Customer Success Manager profession most commonly have bachelor's degrees, followed by master's degrees, high school diplomas, and associate's degrees. When setting education requirements for your position, aligning with the industry standard makes it easier to find potential candidates. Application rates indicate that Customer Success Manager candidates are likely experiencing a market in which applicants have less negotiating power. From an employer perspective, you'll have a greater selection of candidates to choose from and may want to invest in automated screening tools.

Interviewing Candidates

Interview Process

*Self-reported data collected from 2,279 Customer Success Managers from 1/1/2020 to 6/30/2020, via online employer reviews for companies including Wells Fargo, National Debt Relief, Indeed, Beyond Finance, OutboundEngine, Oracle, Square, IBM, Salesforce, and Ultimate Software.

After analyzing post-interview data from Customer Success Manager candidates in the last 6 months, we see more than 16.7% of the candidates self-reported being hired within 1 to 2 days. Around 65.3% of the candidates for this job reported being hired within 2 weeks. If your process takes longer than 2 weeks in the recent market, you'll likely lose these candidates to other employers. Most of the Customer Success Manager candidates are expecting a phone call/screening, on-site interview, background check, and group interview. Most employers do not require a presentation, written test, or take-home/sample work. If you are trying to hire your next Customer Success Manager quickly, consider simplifying and streamlining the hiring process. As for the interview experience, more than 64.1% of the candidates had a good or great interview experience, and more than 36% of the candidates thought that the interview leaned more towards difficult.

Example Interview Questions

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • How well do you think you’ll fit in?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What's your favorite part about working here?
  • Tell us about yourself.

Final Review and Offer

Reference Check

Checking references is a quick and easy way to check for any red flags that didn’t arise to this point in the hiring process. Great insights can be provided by former colleagues and employers.

Crafting an Offer: Salary and Benefits

The average Customer Success Manager salary offered by employers increased for 2 out of 6 consecutive quarters in the United States. In the last quarter, we see a decrease of 3% from $80,780.07 to $77,966.01 compared to the quarter before, which is on par with the past 6 quarters. For Customer Success Manager positions, the most common benefits job seekers reported being offered by employers include: healthcare insurance by 82.8%, paid time off by 81.4%, dental insurance by 75.5%, vision insurance by 69.6%, a 401k plan by 61.3%, stock options/grants by 27.5%, and discounts by 24.0%. While still relatively rare, more and more employers now offer flexibility benefits, including maternity leave, location variety, paternity leave, sabbaticals, somewhat remote, flexible working hours, mostly remote, and fully remote, to attract and retain Customer Success Manager candidates to their organization.

Background Check and Drug Test

According to self-reported job seeker feedback, 34.0% of the employers conducted a background check, and 8.5% of the employers conducted a drug test prior to the hiring of their Customer Success Manager candidates.


When you’re ready to hire a Customer Success Manager, SimplyHired is here to help with your next steps. Our Human Resources Information System (HRIS) provides onboarding tools and other essential HR tools. From document signing to time off tracking, our HRIS will help you seamlessly move a Customer Success Manager candidate through the hiring and onboarding process.

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