Job Descriptions - Examples by Title

A job description summarizes the skills, qualifications, and responsibilities required for a role. Learn what to include in a job description and use our examples from various industries and titles to create your own.

What Is a Job Description?

A job description is a document that describes the general duties and responsibilities for a role. The description contains different sections–a high-level summary, list of job duties, and preferred qualifications.

How to write a job description

A job description summarizes the general duties and responsibilities for a role. It may include any required skills, qualifications, and certifications. An ideal description is concise–including only the most important information–while also providing enough context for an applicant to understand the position.

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What to include in a job description

A successful job description includes:
  • A summary that briefly describes the role
  • A detailed list of responsibilities and duties
  • Any preferred qualifications, such as previous work experience, educational background and desired skills or traits
Job seekers should understand what an ideal candidate looks like from the description.

Job summary

Use the following tips when writing your job summary:
  • Provide a compelling and unique introduction to the advertised role
  • Introduce prospective applicants to your company
  • Help prospective applicants understand at a high level what the job entails
  • Include information such as location, full- or part-time, and department

Job responsibilities

Use the following tips when writing your responsibilities section:
  • Outline the primary functions of the job
  • Highlight any responsibilities that may be unique to the role
  • Describe how the role fits into the larger organization

Job requirements

When writing your requirements section, use the following tips:
  • Offer a realistic set of qualifications
  • Include desired education and previous work experience
  • List required hard skills, including experience with industry-specific tools and software
  • List required soft skills and personality traits, such as excellent communication, leadership, creativity, or problem solving

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