Sample Application Developer Job Description

An application developer job description includes information on the primary skills, activities, responsibilities and qualifications required for a listed position. It should provide them with a description of the type of work that will be performed, salary range expectations, available employee benefits and information on the mission and culture of the company. An effective application developer job description will provide interested applicants with enough information for them to decide if they are interested and qualified for the listing. Customize this application developer job description template to meet the specific needs of your company.

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We are a global technology company that provides innovative solutions to the world's most complex problems. Our core business is to provide our customers with an integrated solution for their digital transformation needs, while giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions about how to best use data in their everyday work. As a leading provider of cloud-based applications, we have been working on several projects across multiple industries since 2005. Our team has over 2,000 employees who support more than 15,000 clients worldwide.


The application developer is responsible for the development of a variety of applications and services. This includes developing, testing and supporting software products to meet customer needs in an agile environment. You will be working with our clients on their application development projects from concept through completion. We are looking for someone who can work independently as well as collaboratively within teams across multiple functional areas. Our client has been recognized by many industry publications including TechCrunch, Inc. (TechCrunch), Forbes and others.

Detailed job duties include:

  • Develop and maintain a robust, high-quality application development team.
  • Develop and implement new features for existing applications in the cloud environment.
  • Assess requirements from customers to ensure that they are met by their developers.
  • Work with clients on developing solutions using JavaScript or other programming languages (eg: Python).
  • Provider support of all aspects of project management including design, development, testing, documentation, etc; develop user stories, test cases and tests as needed.
  • Review client projects prioritizing work flow through various phases of the development process.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems or related field
  • 5+ years of experience with a web application development team and/or an equivalent combination of education and work-related training required
  • Experience working on mobile applications preferred
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript (Javascript) is highly desirable
  • Proven ability to develop complex software solutions using the latest technologies such as JIRA, RESTful APIs
  • Demonstrates strong technical skills including understanding how to use them effectively
  • In depth knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint


  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Paid time off (PTO) 401(k)
  • Employee stock purchase plan with company matching programs
  • Life Insurance for your family members
  • Health Saving Account (HSA) retirement plan
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) With an annual contribution of up to $1000 per year
  • A generous paid time off program that includes medical/dental insurance options including dental, vision, disability, life insurance, short-term disability and long term disability
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