Sample Art Teacher Job Description

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We are a small, family-owned and operated art school in the heart of downtown Chicago. Our mission is to create an environment that encourages creativity through art education and enrichment for our students. As a member of the Art Teachers Association (ATA), we believe all teachers should be empowered with creative expression while being inspired by their own unique talents. AKA: The Art Teachers Association has been recognized as one of America's best schools for over 50 years! This position will require you to work on multiple projects at once and may also require you to work closely with other artists who have similar interests or backgrounds.


The art teacher teaches art to students in a classroom setting. This position will be part of the Art Department’s curriculum and work with teachers, parents and other staff members as needed. We are looking for an individual who can teach children from preschool through high school level. Our teacher must have experience working with young artists or adults that want to learn about their own creative process.

Detailed job duties include:

  • Provide art instruction to students in a variety of mediums, including drawing and painting.
  • Create lesson plans for students that are consistent with the art teacher's curriculum; teach classes as needed by the teacher/teacher team or other staff members assigned to them.
  • Issue assignments according to student needs and goals through an effective teaching approach.
  • Participate in group projects such as school events (either on-site or off site) while maintaining professional standards.
  • Work closely with teachers to ensure all students have appropriate materials and supplies available during their class time frame.


  • Bachelor's degree in fine arts, education or related field
  • Minimum of 2 years experience teaching art to children and adults with a passion for learning; including working with children through the use/use of digital media tools (ie: Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Experience as an artist preferred but not required
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours which may include weekends and holidays when needed


  • Paid time off
  • One location
  • Medical insurance
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