Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

Customer service representatives are an important part of a company's workforce. This role requires a person to be able to communicate effectively with customers, as well as solve problems that may arise. When going into an interview for a customer service representative position, the interviewer will most likely ask about these skills as well as other details of your background and work history.
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Example Interview Questions

In this article, you will learn common interview questions for customer service representatives and appropriate answers to help you prepare.

What are the top 3-4 behaviors you exhibit regarding customer service and quality?

This question provides you with an opportunity to highlight how your behavior is aligned with the employer's expectations. Choose the top three behaviors you exhibit that align with this position and describe how you exhibit these behaviors. For example, if being organized is a top priority for the employer, explain how you stay organized in a way that highlights your abilities in this area.

Example answer: "I am a self-starter who has the ability to work without supervision, but I also prioritize communicating with my supervisor. I am also very organized in my work and have good time management skills to ensure I am meeting my deadlines."

What steps do you take to ensure customers have a positive experience with your company?

The interviewer wants to know if you take pride in your work and demonstrate your customer service skills in your answers. You don't have to be overly specific, but you should demonstrate that you know how to make a customer feel valued. Demonstrate your approach to customer retention by highlighting some of the methods you use to ensure a positive experience.

Example answer: "It's crucial to respond to customers in a timely manner. This shows that you value their business and have time to deal with their issues. It's important to identify the customer's needs, understand their concerns, and provide them with the proper resources so they can feel at ease. I like to use a customer relationship management system to identify how many people I've responded to in a day. This allows me to monitor my response times and see if I need to make adjustments."

How do you handle a problem with a customer?

As a Customer Service Representative, it is your duty to handle customer concerns. Your ability to creatively and effectively solve customer problems is an important part of this job. This question is designed for you to demonstrate your communication skills and your understanding of the responsibility that comes with this job. You should also describe how you achieve an optimal experience for all customers involved.

Example answer: "I always begin by listening carefully to the customer and asking questions to better understand their situation. I then explain our company's policies and processes and ask if there is anything else I can do to help them. Although I'm unable to solve every problem, I always try to ensure every customer is satisfied with the outcome of their interaction with us."

If a customer asked you for a refund or a replacement, what would you do?

The interviewer wants to know how you deal with angry customers. You can use the STAR technique to share a story about a time you were faced with a customer who was angry. You should show your understanding of how to use your communication skills to calm the customer.

Example answer: "I would first ask the customer why they were requesting a refund or replacement. I would then express my understanding. I want to ensure that the customer is satisfied and that they know that I am trying to help resolve the issue. If it is a replacement, I would ask them if they would like a different item, then assist them in completing the return or replacement in person."

How would you handle a customer who speaks a language other than English?

Considering that most of the world's population uses a language other than English in everyday communication, customer service representatives should be able to communicate with customers in this manner. It is important that you are able to offer a service to everyone, regardless of race, culture, language, and age. In your response, be sure to mention your enthusiasm for learning new languages and how you would approach this kind of situation in a professional manner.

Example answer: "I love learning about new cultures and languages. I would be willing to learn a new language as it would help me communicate with a broader range of customers. While I would sometimes rely on my coworkers, I would prefer to learn the language myself. I would start by speaking slowly and wait for the customer to respond. I would be sure to ask how I should address them instead of assuming."

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