Customer Support Representative Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for a customer support representative role, there is a good chance that your prospective employer will ask you questions about your ability to handle various customer service scenarios. In this article, we outline some of the most common questions that are asked in customer support representative interviews.
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Example Interview Questions

In this article, we will discuss possible interview questions you could face when interviewing for a Customer Support Representative position and how to best answer those questions.

What is the difference between a customer service job and a customer support job?

The interviewer wants to see if you understand the difference between the two roles. A customer service representative deals with clients in a more general way, such as answering questions, taking orders or providing quotes. A customer support representative works in the same teams, but has a more specific role.

Example answer: "A customer support representative is a member of a team that is tasked with solving problems that are identified by customers. The goal of this team is to provide technical support. A customer service representative is often the first contact for the customer in general queries."

What do you enjoy about your current role as a customer support representative?

The interviewer wants to know whether you enjoy the tasks and responsibilities of your current role. Compare and contrast with your previous role or other opportunities to make your answer relevant, but don't make comparisons that diminish what you currently do. If you enjoy making a difference to your customers, then make sure you include it. Show passion for the work you do.

Example answer: "I enjoy my current role as a customer service representative because it gives me the opportunity to help our clients. I've noticed that most of the clients we work with are extremely satisfied with our services. I like to make a difference in the lives of our customers and this job allows me to do just that."

What were your responsibilities as a customer support representative?

Customer service candidates need to have a sound understanding of the responsibilities and obligations of a customer support position. It is essential they know how to deal with incoming calls, emails, and social media inquiries from customers. Candidates should also be ready to respond to questions about the brand.

Example answer: "As a customer support representative, I had to answer incoming calls from customers, respond to emails, and route social media inquiries to the proper department. I also had to answer common questions about the brand and work to handle any issues with dissatisfied customers. I was able to do this by maintaining a positive attitude and using my communication skills to resolve issues."

What is your primary approach to responding to customer inquiries?

When answering this question, keep in mind that employers are looking for candidates who can follow a process. Keep your answer simple, and focus on your process for solving customer problems. Do you start by identifying the source of the problem? Do you consult a database or look at call logs to make the call? Use an example from your previous experience to highlight your approach.

Example answer: "I usually identify the type of issue the customer is having and what they've already tried to fix the issue. I then look for logs of previous calls on similar issues to see what recommendations were given. I research the issue to find an appropriate resolution and provide it to the customer. I follow up with the customer to ensure resolution."

Explain what customer service means to you.

This question is designed to gauge your understanding of customer service and ability to empathize with customers. Your response should reflect your faith in the company's customer service, as well as your ability to deliver great service. Your answer might also explain the steps you take to ensure customer satisfaction.

Example answer: "The most important thing to me is making sure each customer has a positive experience with our company. I look for every possible way to make their experience better, whether it's answering their questions quickly or helping them with their order. I take the time to learn about their business and offer products that fit their needs. I also use valuable resources like social media and customer feedback to work out what they like and don't like. This helps me find solutions to their problems."

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