10 Hour Shift Jobs That Pay Well

In this article, we explore 10 hour shift jobs that pay well. These are the kind of jobs that pay above minimum wage and offer regular long shifts. If you are looking for a good job that you can fit around your obligations, these are the jobs for you.
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Delivery Driver

$56,800 per year

Delivery drivers get deliveries from warehouses to customers' homes or businesses. They might also deliver bulk materials, such as construction materials and building supplies. They’re responsible for making sure packages are delivered safely and in a timely manner. A delivery driver may also be responsible for making sure that all paperwork is in order before deliveries are made. They may drive to remote locations, such as airports and other businesses. Delivery drivers should be able to handle heavy loads and long distances, as well as follow a route and schedule.


$21.81 per hour

A mechanic works at an auto repair shop to maintain the mechanical systems of cars and trucks. They diagnose problems, perform preventative maintenance, repair vehicles and install parts. Mechanics also teach customers about maintenance, repair and troubleshooting procedures. They may also be responsible for performing diagnostics and repairs.


$101,300 per year

Psychologists work with people who are dealing with emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, marital problems and other mental health concerns. They may work with patients in individual or group therapy, conduct research and write reports on their findings. Psychologists can provide consultation to other professionals. In some cases, psychologists may also be psychiatrists or social workers.


$18.46 per hour

Technicians are responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment and machinery, as well as performing preventative maintenance. They’re responsible for keeping equipment running smoothly and ensuring that the appropriate safety precautions are followed. Technicians may work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, wholesale distribution, warehousing and retail.


$75,500 per year

An analyst works in a variety of industries, including health care, financial services and technology. They’re tasked with research, analysis and testing to ensure products and services meet the needs of their clients. Analysts might also be responsible for creating marketing plans to help clients meet sales goals. They may help clients with strategic planning and business development. Analysts often work on a project-by-project basis but may be assigned to a team. These positions are often based at corporate headquarters, but some are located in regional offices or local branches. Analysts might work on a full-time or part-time basis and can work in an office or from home. They're often required to learn and use specialized software applications and may be required to attend training sessions. Analysts must have a bachelor’s degree and have typically worked in an entry-level position for several years before moving into an analyst position. They may be required to sit for licensing exams in order to obtain certifications.

Cargo Handler

$33,200 per year

Cargo handlers load and unload cargo, which can include food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, machinery or other goods. They also organize cargo loads to make sure the containers are properly labeled and organized so the goods inside can be easily accessed and shipped. Cargo handlers verify that workers loading and unloading the cargo are safe. They also ensure that cargo is loaded and unloaded according to company regulations. Cargo handlers may be responsible for performing routine maintenance on cargo moving equipment.

Cmm Operator

$22.18 per hour

A Cmm operator oversees a manufacturing process to ensure products are delivered on time, in good condition and at the right price. They monitor and coordinate production processes to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that deadlines are met. Operators also make sure product specifications are met and that materials are in good condition. They might be responsible for ensuring quality control of a product, such as checking product labels for accuracy. People in this position must check shipping records to ensure packages are delivered on time and in good condition. They could be responsible for making sure that all safety standards are met and will often review process documents to make sure they’re up-to-date. Operators can oversee the production of new products. They might also be responsible for quality control and product development.

Tool And Die Maker

$24.90 per hour

Tool and die makers make parts, such as gears, shafts, shafts and other pieces used in manufacturing. They produce products that are used in various industrial processes, such as metal casting, die manufacturing, injection molding and die cutting. Tool and die makers may work in the automotive industry, working with metal castings and dies for the production of car parts. They may also work in a machine shop, producing parts for other machines. Tool and die makers can work in the aerospace industry, producing parts for aircraft engines and aircraft parts. Some tool and die makers may also work in the government sector and produce equipment for the military.


$15.75 per hour

Trimmers work in the production or manufacturing of products such as clothing, furniture, food and electronics. They may trim parts that are used to assemble products or produce finished products. Trimmers may also be involved in the inspection and quality control process. These workers are responsible for keeping their work area and tools clean and organized.

Lawn Care Specialist

$14.45 per hour

Lawn care specialists are responsible for the care, maintenance and repair of lawns, including using specialized equipment and tools. They ensure a lawn is properly cared for, cutting and mulching to keep it healthy. Specialists also maintain the proper amount of water and fertilizer. They might plant flowers, trees and other vegetation. Lawn care specialists also train new lawn care employees and ensure they’re following proper practices and procedures.

Fire Watch

$14.61 per hour

Fire watch is a term used to describe the 24-hour watch of a fire station or other emergency response center. These workers provide on-call support for a building or fire station during times of emergency. They report fires, handle emergencies and direct traffic during a fire. Fire watch also keeps equipment and facilities up to date and ready to respond. This role is typically part of the first-due staff at fire stations.

Warehouse Technician

$62,700 per year

Warehouse technicians usually work in a warehouse environment and are responsible for the safety and product quality of products stored in the facility. They ensure product safety and product integrity, address customer complaints, and train others on the warehouse’s systems. Techs verify inventory accuracy and ensure a warehouse is run efficiently.
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