12 Hour Shift Jobs That Pay Well

When you are looking for a high-paying shift job, there are many options to consider. If you prefer to work at night, you can easily find 12-hour jobs that pay well. Many of these jobs require minimal or no experience. In this article, we explore several 12-hour shift jobs that pay well.
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Respiratory Therapist

$37.01 per hour

Respiratory therapists work in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities and are responsible for assessing, diagnosing and treating respiratory problems. They work in teams with other healthcare professionals to provide care for patients. Respiratory therapists may also work with patients who do not have breathing problems to help them improve their health. Therapists may also work outside of healthcare facilities and be responsible for training other healthcare professionals about the role of respiratory therapy as well as providing patient care. Respiratory therapists may be responsible for providing consultation services to physicians and other healthcare professionals. Therapists can work in a home setting, treating patients with respiratory problems who are not hospitalized or treated at a clinic. Respiratory therapists may also work in the community, providing home visits to patients with respiratory problems. These professionals help patients who have breathing problems find resources and support within their communities. They may also be responsible for researching and developing new treatments for respiratory diseases and disorders.

Charge Nurse

$27.12 per hour

Charge nurses typically fill an administrative role in addition to providing medical care. They are responsible for running a unit or department of nurses on their own or with a partner or supervising nurse. These nurses also oversee nursing staff and ensure policies are followed. Charge nurses are sometimes referred to as unit nurses.


$18.46 per hour

Technicians are responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment, systems and facilities. This might involve repairing electrical equipment, installing new equipment in a facility, repairing a computer, or replacing parts on an assembly line. They might also perform maintenance and preventive maintenance on equipment. Technicians can be responsible for keeping a work area clean and organized. They should be able to install, maintain and repair software, hardware and computer networks. Technicians may also be responsible for supervising other technicians.


$15.84 per hour

Operators are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of machinery, equipment and other worksite items. They might operate forklift trucks, cranes, chain hoists and other heavy equipment to move materials and parts across a factory floor. These workers might also operate conveyor and loading systems to help move parts from one point to another. Operators help ensure that employees, customers and visitors are safe on the production floor.

Press Operator

$15.10 per hour

Press operators operate presses to print and bind books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, catalogs, catalogs and other printed materials. They set up, operate and maintain presses, as well as oversee the production of printed materials. Operators also ensure a press is working properly. For example, they make sure the paper is fed properly and that the printing process is running smoothly. They may also be responsible for maintaining the press itself. Press operators must be organized and precise to ensure a press runs smoothly. They also must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, as presses often have different production requirements. Press operators must also be able to work with various types of machines or equipment. For example, they might need to be able to operate a computer terminal and a touch screen, and they might need to be able to operate a mechanical turntable or a digital press. They must also be able to read and understand print-related instructions and technical manuals.

Production Operator

$14.73 per hour

A production operator is someone who operates and maintains equipment used in the production or distribution of manufacturing, or production-related, materials. They check and maintain equipment and machine settings to ensure all production processes are running smoothly to maximize the team’s efficiency. Production operators can be responsible for maintaining records and ensuring all products are tracked correctly to ensure the team meets production goals. They may work with other production workers to ensure the process runs smoothly. Production operators may be responsible for maintaining records and ensuring all products are tracked correctly to ensure the team meets production goals.

Private Duty Nurse

$25.77 per hour

Private duty nurses typically work in long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living centers. They provide care to patients in their homes and make sure they have all the supplies they need for their care. Private duty nurses are also responsible for administering medication and monitoring patients’ progress. They also coordinate care, ensure healthcare privacy is maintained and check that all patients receive the appropriate care. They may also be responsible for other duties, such as monitoring cardiac and respiratory ailments.

Sales Assistant

$14.42 per hour

A sales assistant is someone who helps salespeople sell goods or services. They may sell directly to consumers or to other businesses. Assistants may also do public relations work, which is a form of sales where a product is not sold. A sales assistant can also be responsible for coordinating with other departments.

Patient Care Technician

$15.60 per hour

These are the people who care for patients in hospital and medical facilities. Patient care technicians help patients by preparing their beds, washing their hands, feeding them, checking on them and keeping them comfortable. They may also be responsible for answering phones and scheduling appointments. Techs should also keep medical records up-to-date and ensure they’re organized for easy access when needed.

Production Technician

$15.35 per hour

A production technician is someone who works in a manufacturing plant and performs a variety of tasks, such as maintaining production equipment and making sure it’s working properly. They may also be responsible for ensuring proper inventory levels are maintained and that all safety standards are followed. Production technicians operate industrial machinery and equipment, such as conveyors and presses, and ensure the equipment is safe and runs efficiently. They should also handle incoming materials for processing, verify that they are stored properly and that the proper amount of inventory is maintained. Techs may also be responsible for maintaining work orders and making sure they’re completed in a timely manner.

Telemetry Nurse

$47.31 per hour

Telemetry nurses work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to monitor patients using monitors and other equipment. They’re responsible for making sure patients get the care they need, that equipment is functioning properly and that records are updated and accurate. Telemetry nurses also coordinate the care of other nurses and physicians and report any problems to ensure proper care is provided to the patient.


$17.76 per hour

An insulator is a field service technician who supports warehouse operations and maintenance. They may repair and service conveyors, bins, storage racks and other warehouse equipment. Insulators also help maintain the warehouse environment by tending to lights, air conditioning and other environmental requirements. These workers may also do tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and repair.
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