8 Hour Shift Jobs That Pay Well

When you start a career, you want a job that offers a steady paycheck and opportunities for advancement. Such opportunities are often found in jobs that have regular hours, with short shifts or even just one shift. Read on to learn about eight hour shift jobs that pay well.
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Sales Consultant

$74,300 per year

Sales consultants typically work with a manufacturer to help sell products. They’re responsible for researching the competition, analyzing the market and identifying new markets that would benefit from a product. They also do market research to determine the most effective ways to promote a product and manage sales representatives. Sales consultants also work with distributors to make sure they’re selling the product and processing orders. They may also be responsible for doing new product development and maintaining relationships with customers.

Mechanical Engineer

$89,500 per year

Mechanical engineers design, build and test physical systems and components, such as engines, machines and other devices. They also evaluate the performance of those systems and components and work to improve their efficiency. Mechanical engineers work on projects that require the design, testing and development of new products. Those working in the field must be able to think strategically and solve problems in a variety of settings. They must also have excellent communication skills and be able to work both independently and in a team.

Insurance Agent

$75,400 per year

Insurance agents sell insurance products and provide information about the policies to customers. They may also help customers find ways to lower their premium costs or save money on their policies. Agents may also provide client education and handle claims related to their insurance policies. Insurance agents may work for a brokerage or an agent-based company. Some also work for insurance companies, which sell insurance to individuals and businesses. They may work for an agency that provides insurance services. Agents are responsible for making sure customers are satisfied with their policies and that they receive the correct coverage. They are also responsible for setting up new policies, handling claims and making sure the customer’s needs are being met. It is important that they keep accurate records and verify the accuracy of information provided by customers.

Dental Hygienist

$38.92 per hour

A dental hygienist is a dental professional who cleans teeth and gums, takes X-rays, prepares patients for dental procedures and performs preventative care. They also might diagnose and treat oral health issues, such as cavities and gum disease. Dental hygienists must be registered with the American Dental Association. They also must complete continuing education to keep their license current.

Occupational Therapist

$48.57 per hour

Occupational therapists are medical professionals who work with patients in rehabilitation programs to promote and restore their independence. They assess patients’ needs and design a plan to help them return to the activities that were previously accessible to them. Occupational therapists work with patients to develop and implement a plan for their rehabilitation. They also work with patients’ families and caregivers to help them understand the patient’s needs and to support them in caring for the patient. Occupational therapists may also provide services, such as providing equipment and supplies, to patients. They might also be responsible for training staff on how to best care for patients. The job has many different subspecialties, such as physical therapy, speech-language pathology and occupational therapy. Occupational therapists are often employed by hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools, long-term care facilities and private practices. Some states have occupational therapist licensing requirements.

Mortgage Underwriter

$91,200 per year

Mortgage underwriters work for a bank or mortgage lender and evaluate a client’s financial information and credit history to determine their ability to obtain a mortgage loan. They also determine whether a client will be able to repay the loan, as well as the interest rate and term of the loan. They’re responsible for coordinating with the client’s real estate agent to ensure the home is ready for occupancy. Additionally, they may be responsible for closing a mortgage loan on behalf of a client. They also manage and maintain the loan portfolio and manage the billing and collections process. Mortgage underwriters must be licensed to engage in mortgage lending in their state. In some states, they must be licensed by both the state and federal government to engage in mortgage lending. They are also subject to other regulations, such as those that govern financial institutions. In some states, they must undergo periodic reviews to ensure they are up to date on all required regulations and are not engaging in predatory lending practices. In addition, they must maintain adequate liability insurance to protect themselves from civil suits when making loans.

Litigation Paralegal

$56,900 per year

A litigation paralegal is responsible for handling legal matters, such as cases involving real estate, personal injury and employment. They draft legal documents, prepare witness and expert testimony and handle discovery and depositions. They also assist in preparing appellate briefs and handle motions and other legal matters. A litigation paralegal may also work with attorneys to draft and review legal documents.


$101,300 per year

Psychologists are licensed professionals who use their knowledge of human behavior to help others. They may work in hospitals, schools, universities, counseling centers, research centers or private practices. Their duties might include providing therapy, conducting research and evaluating mental health programs. They may also provide consultation on a variety of topics including family dynamics, child development, grief counseling and substance abuse. Psychologists often write and publish books and articles on human behavior. There are several different types of psychologists, including clinical psychologists who treat patients, school psychologists who work with students, industrial/organizational psychologists who evaluate workplace issues and forensic psychologists who assess and provide expert witness testimony in court cases. Psychologists help people by assessing their needs and then prescribing solutions. They provide counseling, therapy and psychotherapy. These professionals also conduct research to develop new methods and treatments for mental disorders. Psychologists are trained to understand human behavior and how it relates to the environment. They apply this knowledge to develop effective solutions to problems. They also evaluate mental health programs to make sure they are effective.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

$39.44 per hour

Clinical laboratory scientists work in laboratories that study and analyze blood, tissues and other materials to diagnose disease. They may work with pathologists, who are physicians who specialize in diagnosing diseases through examination of tissues. Clinical laboratory scientists are responsible for collecting samples, processing them, analyzing them and reporting the results to physicians and other clinicians. They may also be responsible for testing drugs and other products to ensure they are safe and effective. They may be responsible for developing new tests that can be used to diagnose disease or for designing testing protocols to ensure accurate results. Clinical lab scientists can oversee the quality control of laboratory workers, including technicians, technologists, engineers, analysts and other professionals. Clinical laboratory scientists must have a bachelor’s degree in a biological science field, such as biology or biochemistry, and a master’s degree in a scientific field, such as microbiology or immunology. They must also have a minimum of two years of laboratory experience in a clinical laboratory setting. These professionals must be certified by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science and have some form of licensure that allows them to practice medicine in the United States. They may also have some experience working with patients or healthcare providers.

Intelligence Analyst

$47,500 per year

Intelligence analysts are responsible for collecting, organizing and analyzing information about international threats in order to provide policy-makers with the best possible information. They may work for the military or civilian intelligence agencies. Analysts may be responsible for collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about international threats, such as terrorism. Intelligence analysts are also responsible for identifying trends, gathering information and conducting research to find patterns or connections between separate areas of interest. These professionals may be responsible for conducting surveillance in order to uncover information about enemy activity. They may also be responsible for providing information to other agencies, such as law enforcement, to help prevent terrorist attacks or other crimes. Intelligence analysts may also be responsible for assessing vulnerabilities and threats to U.S. interests. They are often responsible for writing reports. In addition to writing reports, intelligence analysts may also be responsible for maintaining records of information gathered and information exchanged.


$66,400 per year

Pilots are responsible for guiding aircrafts, such as commercial airliners and military jets, from their point of departure to their destination. They’re also responsible for maintaining flight records, performing pre-flight checks and ensuring all equipment is functioning properly. Pilots must also be prepared to respond to emergencies and handle situations that could impact the safety of passengers and crew.

Roofing And Siding Contractor

$20.38 per hour

Roofing and siding contractors install, repair and maintain roofs, gutters, siding, fascia and other exterior building surfaces. They might also be responsible for building maintenance, such as masonry or drywall. Most roofing and siding contractors install asphalt shingles, metal roofing and fiberglass shingles. They may also install wood shakes, wood shake roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs and tile. They’re also responsible for installing perimeter trim and custom doors and windows.
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