Assembly Line Jobs That Pay Well

Working on an assembly line isn’t always a lucrative career. However, you might be surprised by how many good-paying jobs you can find on assembly lines. The work may not be glamorous, but many of these positions don’t require much education or experience. If you’re interested in a career on an assembly line, let’s discuss some of the best-paying jobs available.
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Production Operator

$14.73 per hour

A production operator assembles products in a factory or warehouse. They receive parts from other departments and perform quality control procedures to ensure the parts are assembled correctly. They also operate equipment, such as conveyor lines or machines, to make products.

Mechanical Assembler

$15.77 per hour

Mechanical assemblers work in the automotive industry to create parts for cars and trucks. They might inspect parts before they are used or make parts that go into the final product. These workers need to read blueprints, understand how things work, and visualize what they’re creating. They also need to have strong communication skills and work individually or as part of a team. A mechanical assembler may train other workers on how to assemble parts.

Manufacturing Engineer

$80,000 per year

A manufacturing engineer designs and develops new products and processes. They use their expertise to analyze production methods and identify problems that might be affecting their operation. They develop and test new equipment and train employees. Manufacturing engineers often work for companies that make machines, such as automobiles, construction equipment, and medical devices. They might make consumer products, including cosmetics, clothing, and toys. Some manufacturing engineers make office equipment, like computers, printers, and copiers. Manufacturing engineers also work for companies that create industrial equipment, such as jet engines and turbines.

Manufacturing Specialist

$14.49 per hour

A manufacturing specialist oversees the production of a product, such as a car, appliance, tool, or other equipment. They schedule and assign work to other employees and ensure the product is produced on time and in accordance with specifications. They also track production and quality issues and ensure they’re resolved.

Line Operator

$14.42 per hour

Line operators run and maintain equipment, such as conveyor systems, to ensure materials are processed efficiently. They also perform other tasks as needed, such as retrieving materials and supplies from storage or product shipping areas. Operators keep track of inventory levels and ensure that machines operate properly to maximize the team’s efficiency. Line operators also maintain safety procedures to help ensure the safety of workers and customers.

Line Lead

$14.78 per hour

Line leads are responsible for a specific production line. They keep the line running smoothly and ensure that quality standards are met. Line leads follow all safety guidelines and make sure the line meets production schedules. A line lead may also hire and train new employees.

Electronic Assembler

$14.56 per hour

Electronic assemblers work on the assembly line and assemble electronic components, such as circuit boards. They also test products for proper functionality to ensure quality and consistency. Assemblers should make sure that all components are properly labeled and that any defective parts are removed. They also ensure equipment is working correctly and that employees are trained to use it.


$14.88 per hour

Solderers work with metals, such as aluminum, brass, copper and steel, to make products. They may also work with plastics and specialty metals, like titanium. Solderers join metals with various tools and machines to make parts for a wide array of products. They then test the components to make sure they work correctly and make the appropriate adjustments. Solderers also inspect and repair equipment.

Electrical Assembler

$15.82 per hour

Electrical assemblers assemble electrical parts and subsystems into devices, systems and equipment. They also test electrical assemblies and ensure they comply with safety standards.

Line Supervisor

$16.46 per hour

Line supervisors oversee the activities of production workers. They ensure that workers follow standards and perform other duties as assigned. A line supervisor assigns workers to different tasks, oversees workers for safety, monitors their progress and makes sure quality is maintained.

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