Back-to-Work Jobs That Pay Well

If you have been out of the workforce for some time, it’s a good idea to begin by looking for temporary work. Temporary work is available in a variety of fields and can help you get back into the workforce, while also giving you experience that can be applied to a permanent job. Some temporary jobs pay well above minimum wage and require minimal training.
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Test Preparation Tutor

$27.60 per hour

A test preparation tutor helps students prepare for standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT. They work with students to develop study plans and review test-taking strategies. Test preparation tutors might also review test results to determine areas of improvement and facilitate student tutoring sessions.

Cable Installer

$49,900 per year

Cable installers install and maintain cable TV, Internet and other telecommunications services in homes and businesses. They also inspect, test and diagnose problems with the equipment to ensure it’s functioning properly. Cable installers often troubleshoot and fix problems that arise during installation. They also ensure that a system’s security is maintained to prevent unauthorized access.


$21.81 per hour

A mechanic repairs and maintains vehicles and equipment such as cars, trucks, forklifts and other machines. A mechanic often changes oil, cleans engines and checks air filters. Mechanics also repair equipment, such as air conditioning units or heating systems. They may be responsible for maintaining an inventory of spare parts. If a machine breaks down, a mechanic will usually be the first person to respond to solve the problem.


$21.62 per hour

Carpenters work with other tradespeople to construct and repair buildings and other structures, such as bridges. Carpenters also install interior and exterior components, such as doors, windows, roofs and flooring.

Motor Transport Operator

$39,500 per year

A motor transport operator delivers products to customers and ensures the goods are delivered safely and on time. They check inventories, make sure their routes are running efficiently, and load trucks, trailers and other vehicles. They also ensure all paperwork is up to date and that drivers are aware of any traffic or weather conditions that might affect their deliveries.

Dance Instructor

$26.41 per hour

Dance instructors teach a wide variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and tap. They teach students about technique, music, dance history, performance and etiquette. They also help students improve their discipline, poise and performance skills. Instructors must be knowledgeable about the dances they teach and ensure students have the skills they need to perform well. They need to be educated about the latest trends in dance and how to use them in their classes.

Makeup Artist

$39.40 per hour

Makeup artists help create the look of a character in movies, television shows and advertisements. They use a combination of makeup, wigs and prosthetics to design a character’s appearance. The makeup artist also prepares models for promotional shoots.

Yoga Instructor

$34.10 per hour

Yoga instructors lead classes and train students on poses and other yoga techniques. They create and run yoga programs and events and teach students about the benefits of yoga. Yoga instructors also often train other prospective teachers.

Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

$46,400 per year

A wheeled vehicle mechanic operates and maintains a variety of machines, such as forklifts, cranes and trucks. They work with other mechanics and equipment operators to ensure the operation of all equipment is safe and efficient. They also calibrate and maintain machinery and equipment.


$26.18 per hour

Riggers are responsible for the rigging of cranes and other lifting equipment, as well as the design and construction of temporary worksites for construction and maintenance projects. They can also be responsible for the safe operation of cranes and other lifting equipment. Additionally, a rigger must be well-versed in safety procedures.

Marketing Representative

$51,900 per year

Marketing representatives are responsible for researching market trends, establishing relationships with potential clients and developing strategic plans to increase sales. They may also develop and implement marketing campaigns and keep up with new technologies to make sure the company’s products are relevant and effective.

Appliance Technician

$57,900 per year

An appliance technician maintains various types of household appliances. They’re responsible for choosing the right parts and making sure everything is working properly. They install new appliances, troubleshoot problems and repair faulty appliances. These experts should be able to diagnose and repair any problems that arise.
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