Bakery Jobs That Pay Well

Baking is a fun and rewarding career. While some bakery jobs require a high school education, others may be open to people with little or no experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the best bakery jobs based on pay, with typical job duties and average salaries for each.
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Grocery Associate

$49,100 per year

A grocery associate stocks shelves and runs the cash register at a grocery store. They prepare and organize products, check prices, and fill orders. They also stock the shelves, replenish supplies, monitor inventory, and clean the store. Grocery associates greet customers and help them find items. They’re often supervised by a manager or assistant manager and are eligible to work in grocery store bakeries.


$14.29 per hour

A caterer provides food, beverages and catering services for events. They prepare, serve and clean up after an event. They help ensure the event is safe, operate the appropriate kitchen equipment and meet all health and safety regulations. Caterers often organize and staff events to ensure everything runs smoothly.


$15.42 per hour

Mixers work in the kitchen of a restaurant or catering service. They prepare ingredients, such as meat, produce and dairy products, to be used in other dishes. They also prepare and serve food to customers. Mixers may be responsible for dough preparation, breading and assembling dishes, as well as cleaning and sanitizing equipment.

Hospitality Sanitation Supervisor

$60,700 per year

A sanitation supervisor maintains and improves the cleanliness of a building or facility, including a restaurant or bakery. They ensure all staff members are properly trained and work safely, and that all waste is disposed of in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. They also make sure the facility is properly maintained and that all equipment is working properly.

Pastry Cook

$15.01 per hour

Pastry cooks prepare and serve desserts and other tasty treats in a restaurant, bakery or catering establishment. A pastry cook will often create new, unique items from scratch. In a large restaurant, pastry cooks may prepare a single dish or menu item. In smaller establishments, they might be responsible for preparing many different items. They may also help prepare other foods and desserts.

Catering Coordinator

$14.47 per hour

A catering coordinator oversees the preparation of food and beverages for various events. They ensure that food is served at the proper temperature, that all guests receive their orders, and that the event goes smoothly. They also ensure that catering is done in a cost-effective manner.


$14.42 per hour

Artisans make products by hand. They might be a baker, a hand-weaver or a tailor. Artisans work with their hands and use their creativity to create items for sale. They might work independently or for an organization. Artisans might also be called crafters or craftspeople.

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