Bilingual Jobs That Pay Well

If you are bilingual, there are jobs available in the United States that pay well. With the current job market in the United States as it is, many careers are available to people with bilingual skills. Whether you have a background in another language or are looking for a new career path, there are jobs available that can help you earn well over minimum wage.
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Real Estate Agent

$96,500 per year

Real estate agents help buyers and sellers find homes and sell properties. They typically work with a team of other agents who handle the initial sale and then may work independently to sell other properties. Real estate agents may be responsible for maintaining client files and keeping track of property information such as taxes, repairs and insurance. They may also be responsible for generating leads and closing deals. Real estate agents must have a real estate license to sell properties, depending on the state in which they live. They also must follow local rules and regulations set forth by the real estate board in the area where they work.

Systems Administrator

$87,100 per year

Systems administrators help to maintain and manage computer systems, networks and software applications. They debug and troubleshoot problems, perform hardware installations and upgrades, and make sure software applications are working properly. They’ll also lead and manage teams of technical professionals, develop new systems, maintain existing systems and oversee security and identity management.

Registered Nurse

$36.79 per hour

Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities. They provide patient care by assessing and diagnosing patients, administering medications and performing procedures, such as administering blood transfusions, IV therapy and IV nutrition. Nurses are also responsible for maintaining patient charts, ensuring the health of their patients and communicating with other healthcare professionals.

Dental Hygienist

$38.92 per hour

A dental hygienist is responsible for assisting with patient care, such as cleaning teeth and oral and dental procedures. They also provide education on dental health and treatment and may offer preventative or cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening. A dental hygienist may also be responsible for working with dentists to ensure patients have access to oral health care and are receiving the best possible care.

Occupational Therapist

$48.57 per hour

Occupational therapists work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare or educational facilities to provide rehabilitative services. They work with patients to help them recover from injuries or illnesses, or to help improve their condition. Therapists might also work with children who have special needs, like learning disabilities, autism or cerebral palsy. They develop individualized treatment plans for patients to help them learn new skills and improve their quality of life. Some occupational therapists might also work with families to improve the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children. Occupational therapists may work with individuals with behavioral difficulties or mental illness to help them function more effectively in society. They may work with individuals who are experiencing developmental delays. Occupational therapists are also assigned to patients who have experienced strokes or traumatic brain injuries and they help them recover and return to their normal activities. They may also work with individuals who have physical disabilities or chronic pain and they help them manage their symptoms. OTs apply their knowledge of human development to their work with patients. They might use techniques such as play therapy, which involves encouraging a patient to be creative and express themselves through art or music, and cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps patients change their behaviors.

Financial Advisor

$82,900 per year

Financial advisors are responsible for assisting clients with their investments. They can help clients choose the right financial products, determine their risk tolerance and evaluate investment options. They’re also responsible for selling investments to clients and assisting with tax planning. Financial advisors might be responsible for managing client accounts, helping clients meet financial goals and following up on investments to ensure client needs are met.


$72,600 per year

An auditor is someone who examines and reviews financial statements and related documents to check for errors and irregularities and make sure business is conducted within a company’s policies. They may also check for compliance with laws and may be responsible for auditing the company’s financial records. An auditor also helps prepare financial reports for management and the public.


$90,800 per year

Superintendents are responsible for overseeing and maintaining a building and its resources. They plan, organize and execute maintenance tasks and make sure all facility equipment is operational and in working order. Superintendents also oversee the complete operation of a building, such as security, maintenance of common spaces and building operations. They might also be responsible for hiring and firing employees, as well as supervising and training employees. Supers should also ensure that the building’s staff is trained in all job duties and that all safety rules are followed.

Nurse Practitioner

$114,700 per year

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have received additional training to work independently in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals and clinics. They provide quality primary medical care to patients, and test and treat illnesses and injuries. Nurse practitioners might also provide preventive care, such as vaccinations. They are responsible for treating patients’ conditions and making treatment decisions. NPs work under the supervision of a physician.

Tax Professional

$55,000 per year

Tax professionals work for tax firms and other firms that help people and companies with their tax filings. They may specialize in different areas of the tax code, such as federal or state tax regulations, or working with a client’s specific needs. Tax professionals may be responsible for reviewing documents, researching tax issues and preparing tax returns. These professionals also help clients with tax planning and may be called upon to represent a client in court if necessary.

Investment Consultant

$73,600 per year

Investment consultants are financial advisors who help clients make financial decisions. They may be hired to advise clients on stocks, bonds, real estate or other investments. Consultants also collect financial information from clients, help prepare tax returns and conduct research to determine the best investment for each client. Most investment consultants are self-employed and work as independent consultants.
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