Call Center Jobs That Pay Well

If you are looking for a job in a call center, it is important to understand that even entry-level positions can demand an extensive level of training. Due to the high volume of calls that occur daily, call centers can have hundreds of employees working at once. Here are some of the most common call center jobs that pay well.
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Sales Representative

$71,200 per year

Sales representatives often work for consumer products companies. They sell a wide range of products, including food, household items, cosmetics and electronics. They set goals and develop sales plans for their territory, and work with their sales manager to achieve those goals. Sales representatives develop relationships with target customers and coordinate product demonstrations, showing customers how the product works and answering questions. They also often create product presentations, carry out advertising campaigns, provide educational materials and train sales and support staff.

Call Center Representative

$15.17 per hour

A call center representative handles inbound and outbound calls for a contact center or telemarketing firm. They’re tasked with following call scripts, determining customer needs, researching issues and providing timely solutions. Representatives also suggest and upsell products and services.

Inbound Call Center Representative

$14.41 per hour

An inbound call center representative maintains sales leads and receives sales calls from potential clients. They research the customer’s needs, provide information and answer questions to ensure they’re satisfied with the company’s services. They also ensure they are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations.

Technical Support Representative

$15.85 per hour

A technical support representative provides technical support to internal users and customers. They help with software installation and configuration, troubleshoot and resolve issues with hardware and software, and monitor and update systems. In some cases, they may provide training for users. Technical support representatives typically work at the customer’s location. They provide needed services, resolve problems and help users manage their systems.

Customer Support Representative

$15.03 per hour

A customer support representative works for a company that provides goods or services to customers. They’re often employed in call centers or customer support centers. Customer support representatives answer customer calls, provide technical support, resolve service issues and suggest marketing strategies to increase sales.

Customer Care Specialist

$15.91 per hour

Customer care specialists typically work for a bank or financial institution. They handle customer service calls, process online requests, research products and manage accounts. They check account balances and make payments to ensure clients receive the services they need. Customer care specialists may also monitor client accounts to make sure they’re meeting the terms of their agreement.

Healthcare Customer Service Representative

$15.11 per hour

Healthcare customer service representatives provide support to customers in a healthcare setting. They answer questions, complete forms and follow up on customer orders. They need to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. They might also sell additional services, such as wellness programs or insurance plans.

Order Entry Clerk

$14.53 per hour

Order entry clerks process and verify customer orders, process payment and collect payment information. They keep track of customer information to ensure orders are fulfilled. They may also perform other duties, such as data entry, to help increase production.

Collection Representative

$14.75 per hour

Collection representatives collect money owed to creditors by individuals and businesses. They handle debt collection and work with other collection agencies. They may handle the collection of federal and state taxes and other debts owed to the government. They may also work for a debt buyer or agency and buy accounts from debtors at a discount. Collection representatives often negotiate with debtors to settle accounts. They also negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount owed on accounts. A collection representative will also prepare court filings, work with attorneys and manage customer service issues.

Debt Collector

$14.30 per hour

A debt collector works for a collection agency, debt buyer or credit bureau. They specialize in collecting overdue accounts. They may contact the debtor by phone, mail or in person to collect on the account. Collectors research the debtor’s account status to ensure it’s current. They also research the debtor’s background and determine whether they’re a threat to the collection agency. If they are, they may cancel the account, or contact law enforcement to report the debtor as a threat. If they aren’t, they may attempt to collect the money owed. If the debtor has moved, the collector may contact a new address and begin the process anew.
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