Chinese Jobs That Pay Well

Many people are looking for jobs in China, and not all jobs in China pay well. While there are some Chinese jobs with good salaries, such as teachers, your average job in China pays much less than a typical American career. However, there are some Chinese jobs that pay very well. Read on to learn what they are.
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Mobile Developer

$116,400 per year

A mobile developer develops software for mobile devices. They’re responsible for coding, testing, debugging and maintaining mobile applications. They identify new opportunities for mobile development, work with the product development team and maintain product metrics. They must be familiar with the latest mobile standards and technologies to ensure the application is compatible with the latest devices.

Transportation Specialist

$72,400 per year

Transportation specialists work for logistics companies to handle inventory and distribution. They ensure materials are safely delivered to the correct destination and they deal with customer and contractor complaints. Specialists also may work with clients to develop and implement plans to improve transportation efficiency.

Mortgage Underwriter

$91,200 per year

A mortgage underwriter determines if a potential buyer can afford a home loan. They determine the applicant’s credit history, employment and income, and make sure it’s not too risky for the lender. They also determine whether applicants qualify for loans and make sure the borrower understands the terms of their mortgage before signing.

Digital Analyst

$75,600 per year

Digital analysts work in corporate IT and ensure the company’s digital strategy is executed. They manage the company’s website, handle marketing campaigns, determine web design needs and make sure the company’s online presence is up to date. They also analyze digital trends to determine what the company should do next. Digital analysts often create social media campaigns as well.

Relationship Banker

$42,100 per year

Relationship bankers help clients identify new business opportunities and maintain existing relationships. They work with clients to evaluate their product needs and assist with sales and marketing efforts. These bankers find new clients, conduct research, create sales plans, develop and maintain client databases, conduct presentations and much more. A relationship banker should have a strong background in business, accounting, finance and marketing. They should also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Curriculum Leader

$30.91 per hour

A curriculum leader develops and implements curricula for the local school district. They develop new programs, determine what teachers should focus on and keep an eye on what students need to know. Curriculum leaders also provide support and guidance to teachers and students to help them reach their educational goals.

Property Accountant

$66,600 per year

Property accountants track and maintain the financial and operational aspects of a business’s property. They make sure the business meets all legal regulations and tax compliance guidelines. Accountants may audit financial records and prepare reports for the business. Property accountants also ensure that all of the business’s assets are properly insured.

Paraprofessional Aide

$14.59 per hour

A paraprofessional aide works in a school, college or other educational institution. They assist students with homework, run errands, complete academic paperwork and help out with projects and events. They may also provide basic clerical assistance, such as copying and organizing documents.

Risk and Compliance Investigator

$100,400 per year

A risk and compliance investigator makes sure a company complies with security and other regulations. They might review security policies and procedures, investigate incidents, and perform audits, inspections and investigations. They also maintain records of their investigations and ensure compliance reports are filed as required.

Food Technologist

$69,000 per year

Food technologists develop, test and improve products. They research new food products, conduct product analysis, test recipes and evaluate results. Techs conduct food safety tests, design packaging and research food preservation techniques. Food technologists may also provide technical support for the company’s chefs. Food technologists must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as engineering or chemistry. These jobs often require two years of experience and good communication skills. Food technologists should also have strong math skills, as they’ll need to be able to calculate the amount of salt, sugar, fat or other ingredients in a product. They should also be able to work well under pressure and multi-task.

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