Clinic Jobs That Pay Well

There are many different jobs at a typical clinic, beyond physicians. Depending on the type and size of the clinic you work at, there may be nurses, hygienists, therapists, specialists, technicians and more. Clinic jobs allow you to make great money while also helping people become the healthiest versions of themselves. In this article, we describe some of the best jobs in clinics.
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Licensed Practical Nurse

$25.78 per hour

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are licensed by the state to practice nursing. They provide direct care for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities. Licensed practical nurses may work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician and are responsible for assessing patients, implementing treatment plans and following patients’ progress. They also help with wound care, administering medication and monitoring patients’ conditions.

Dental Hygienist

$38.92 per hour

Dental hygienists clean and maintain teeth, gums and other oral structures. They perform examinations, take patient histories and administer dental treatments. They maintain patient records and participate in ongoing patient education. Dental hygienists also provide preventive care and teach families about oral health. In some cases, dental hygienists may also provide assistance with dentures and other prosthetics. They’re also responsible for monitoring patients’ oral hygiene and ensuring they are taking medications as prescribed. Dental hygienists can also help perform more advanced procedures, such as preparing and injecting dental materials and using dental lasers to treat cavities. Dental hygienists also sterilize instruments and equipment used during procedures. They must maintain a clean work area and ensure patient privacy. Dental hygienists assist in the prevention and treatment of infections in the oral cavity. They may assist with the administration of local anesthetics, such as lidocaine, during procedures.

Massage Therapist

$32.14 per hour

A massage therapist works with clients to provide therapeutic massage. They may work in a clinic or office setting, or they might own a private practice and perform massage services as an independent practitioner. The therapist might also offer a variety of complementary services, such as hot stone therapy or deep tissue massage. They often teach other massage therapists the skills and techniques they use to provide massage therapy to clients.

Coding Specialist

$22.69 per hour

A coding specialist codes and retrieves information from medical records, medical reports, insurance claims and other documents. They bring together information from various sources to provide comprehensive patient care. Coders may also reconcile bills for insurance companies or patients, identify potential problems with the data and recommend ways to improve the quality of information. Coding specialists often assist in the development or maintenance of billing systems.

Medical Support Assistant

$44,700 per year

Medical support assistants (MSAs) work with physicians, nurses and supporting staff members to help patients navigate the healthcare system. They help patients with their paperwork, including filling out insurance forms, calling insurance providers and making appointments. They often work closely with doctors and nurses to ensure patients receive appropriate treatment. A medical support assistant also has many administrative and data entry tasks.

Family Nurse Practitioner

$109,600 per year

Family nurse practitioners are nurses who treat both adults and children. They have advanced training in pediatrics and can treat a wide range of health conditions, from common illnesses to complex medical conditions, such as cystic fibrosis or autism. They provide preventive care and immunizations, manage chronic conditions and provide behavioral health services to children and adults. Family nurse practitioners are required to complete a three-year residency program after graduating from an accredited school of medicine. They must also have a license to practice medicine in the state in which they work, as well as certification through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center.

Clinical Supervisor

$69,900 per year

Clinical supervisors oversee the administration of a hospital or clinic. They ensure the smooth operation of clinical areas, that staff is qualified and knowledgeable, and that all services are provided to the highest standards. They also make sure that clinical staff members have the training and support they need to deliver high-quality care. Clinical supervisors often oversee research and other clinical trials.


$101,300 per year

Psychologists work with people who suffer from mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and provide counseling and treatment. They help individuals make lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise. Psychologists may also conduct research to help better understand disorders.

Care Navigator

$53,800 per year

A care navigator is a support professional who helps families understand and navigate the healthcare system and choose the best resources for their needs. They may also help with arranging appointments. Care navigators act as advocates for patients, helping them understand their rights. They also help families locate community resources and make referrals. Care navigators may also work for government, non-profit or community groups to provide services to those in need. Care navigators maintain records of their work and pass this information on to colleagues. Some care navigators will also provide training to other professionals.


$123,300 per year

Podiatrists diagnose and treat foot injuries, such as infections, sprains and fractures. They treat foot problems, such as ingrown toenails and bunions, and perform minor surgeries. Podiatrists may prescribe medical equipment such as braces, insoles, pads, slippers and shoes to treat conditions and injuries. Podiatrists are also trained to treat other foot-related issues such as corns, calluses and warts. Podiatrists must obtain a doctor of podiatric medicine degree and pass a licensing exam. They must also register with the state, obtain liability insurance and pay state fees.
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