Corrections Jobs That Pay Well

If you enjoy working with people, helping the community and making a difference, then corrections jobs might be right for you. There are many high-paying jobs available in jails, prisons, and other correctional institutions. While some of these jobs require a college degree, many of them can be done by someone with no specialized education and only minimal training. If you’re interested in a job in corrections, these are some of the best-paying options.
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Correctional Officer

$39,200 per year

Correctional officers work in facilities that house prisoners. They’re responsible for the security and safety of the facility, including supervising inmates and making sure they follow the rules. They also oversee the facility’s operation and ensure that policies are being followed. Correctional officers transport inmates to and from court, and they interact with the public when needed. Correctional officers must complete a state-approved training program. They may work alone or in teams, and they must be physically fit and able to work during all hours of the day and night. They need to pass a physical exam, drug test and background check. Correctional officers may have to carry a firearm. They sometimes take additional training courses to improve their knowledge of law enforcement techniques and their ability to manage inmates.

Probation Officer

$52,700 per year

Probation officers supervise and manage offenders convicted of a crime. They work with offenders to help them adjust to and live within the community and ensure they don’t return to criminal behavior. Probation officers hire and train probation officers to assist with the supervision and management of offenders. They may coordinate with courts, prisoners and other agencies to ensure offenders receive appropriate treatment for their offenses. They also maintain offender files, make sure offenders know their rights and responsibilities, and work with victims of crime to ensure restitution is paid.

Correctional Records Technician

$16.26 per hour

A correctional records technician works in a correctional facility to maintain, organize and retrieve records. They may provide training and support to staff members who work with inmates. They also identify inmates who are eligible for parole or release and ensure they are processed accordingly.


$50,600 per year

A sergeant is a commissioned officer in law enforcement or the military. The traditional role of the sergeant is to act as the unit’s technical expert and an advisor to other officers. They often train new recruits and help develop policies. In some cases, sergeants may train junior enlisted members.

Lead Supervisor

$17.47 per hour

A lead supervisor oversees a team of workers. They coach workers and provide feedback to improve their performance. They also keep an eye on costs — including overtime and salaries — and make sure the team is profitable. They often oversee workers' safety, implement new processes and procedures, and ensure workers are trained for new jobs when they're hired.

Parole Officer

$38,600 per year

Parole officers work with inmates to prepare them for release from prison. They interview those inmates to determine their suitability for release into the community and then prepare them for the transition back into society. Parole officers ensure inmates abide by the terms of their parole and meet their treatment obligations. They also monitor the behavior of those on parole to make sure they don’t violate the terms of their release. Parole officers might help supervise offenders’ housing and employment.

Community Corrections Supervisor

$16.00 per hour

Community corrections supervisors manage inmates. They assess each inmate’s behavior and ensure they receive proper treatment and education to help them succeed when they’re released. They also monitor the facility’s safety and work closely with law enforcement to prevent escapes. Community corrections supervisors make sure inmates receive proper medical care and counseling.

Juvenile Correctional Officer

$41,500 per year

A juvenile correctional officer works at a youth detention center or correctional facility. They maintain order and discipline in the facility and monitor inmate behavior. They also monitor telephone calls, email, and other communication with children, their parents, attorneys, and juvenile courts and ensure that minors are placed in appropriate programs. Their duties may also include providing counseling for juveniles.


$62,800 per year

Lieutenant is an officer rank in law enforcement and the military. It’s typically used to describe the second in command of a company, platoon or another unit. In the U.S. military, lieutenant is a rank held by commissioned officers below the level of captain.

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