Overnight Shift Jobs That Pay Well

Overnight shift jobs are common in many areas. These jobs can be found in manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality industries. In this article, we look at overnight shift jobs that pay well.
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Warehouse Worker

$32,800 per year

Warehouse workers sort, pack, load and ship products to customers. They’ll load and unload delivery vehicles, transport materials from one location to another, sort and package goods for shipping. They may also prepare materials for shipment. Warehouse workers also make sure goods are properly labeled and protected during transport.

Store Shopper

$55,200 per year

Store shoppers are employed by retail stores and are responsible for locating, checking and maintaining merchandise. They keep track of inventories, locate and organize merchandise, and ensure items are correctly displayed. Shoppers also assist customers and maintain a clean and organized store.

Order Picker

$30,700 per year

Order pickers are responsible for handling jobs that involve picking, packing and shipping orders. They must be familiar with a company’s processes and procedures, must be able to lift and move heavy boxes and packages and must be able to work safely and efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Pickers should also be able to adapt to changes in a company’s processes and procedures.

Order Filler

$32,200 per year

Order fillers verify that a company ships orders in a timely and efficient manner. They check inventory levels, ensure orders are filled to specifications and provide shipping updates to customers. Order fillers also process returns and ensure customer satisfaction. They might fill in for other positions when necessary.


$18.46 per hour

Technicians work in departments that maintain, repair and install equipment such as computers, printers and other devices. They may also be responsible for creating and maintaining a network and software systems. Techs may take care of installing and maintaining computer systems.

Package Handler

$33,600 per year

Package handlers work in warehouses to load and unload boxes from trucks and move them throughout a facility. They also prepare packages for shipment and ensure they’re packaged properly and safely. Handlers may stock, inventory and track packages for shipping. Packaging and shipping may require knowledge of regulations and codes relating to the handling of hazardous materials. These workers may also help with preparation of product samples for customers.

Fulfillment Associate

$37,400 per year

Fulfillment associates are responsible for the fulfillment, shipping and receiving of retail products. They order and make sure all orders are properly packed and shipped, and monitor inventory levels to ensure products are available on the shelves. Associates can assist with customer service and order fulfillment to ensure clients get their orders on time.

Print Operator

$14.48 per hour

Print operators are responsible for producing, assembling and delivering printed materials, such as catalogs, posters and advertising materials. They also operate the equipment used to print material and ensure it’s working properly. Print operators operate printing presses, and use their knowledge of paper and ink to set up and maintain printers. They also ensure the quality of prints is maintained.


$34,800 per year

A handler is a member of a team who moves products to and from warehouses. They’re responsible for moving materials from one location to another and for verifying that everything arrives at its destination on time. They also ensure that items are properly stored and protected from damage.

Replenishment Associate

$15.89 per hour

A replenishment associate is responsible for ensuring all materials used in the manufacturing process are always available. They track parts and materials to replenish them as they run low. Associates order new parts and materials when necessary. They keep records of all inventory and order files and ensure all production equipment is safe and running smoothly. These workers must be conscientious enough to track that the correct number of parts are included in outgoing shipments. This position requires high attention to detail and thoroughness.

Cargo Handler

$33,200 per year

Cargo handlers are responsible for loading, unloading and sorting freight and other cargo at airports, seaports and other locations. They also handle baggage and perform other duties related to the safe handling of cargo. Cargo handlers are responsible for ensuring that cargo is properly packaged and labeled. They may also be responsible for keeping records of all shipments.
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