Raytheon - Cambridge, MA 4.0

Experience with machine learning frameworks and analytic tools such as Tensorflow, Torch, PyTorch, etc. Today, BBN's scientists and engineers are working to…

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs - Cambridge, MA 3.8

Communications, Machine Learning, Signal Processing. The ideal candidate is expected to possess an excellent background in channel coding, source coding,…

Estimated: $22,000 - $30,000 a yearQuick Apply

MIT - Cambridge, MA 4.2

This beat includes cutting-edge research in machine learning, cryptography, robotics, quantum computing, and more. Excellent writing and interpersonal skills;

Estimated: $39,000 - $51,000 a year

Flagship Pioneering, Inc. - Cambridge, MA 

Practical experience in Machine Learning models, especially in Deep Learning. You will begin your career at Cellarity working closely with Umut Eser – Head of…

Estimated: $83,000 - $120,000 a yearQuick Apply

Zapata Computing - Boston, MA 

Design, develop, test, maintain, and improve our implementations of quantum and classical algorithms for business needs in finance, chemistry, logistics,…

Estimated: $99,000 - $130,000 a yearQuick Apply

IBM - Cambridge, MA 3.9

Multi-task learning, transfer learning, few-shot learning, continual/lifelong learning. Interpretability, fairness, accountability of machine learning models.

Estimated: $100,000 - $130,000 a year

Flagship Pioneering, Inc. - Cambridge, MA 

Experience with emergent behavior in complex systems, time series analysis, causal inference, domain adaptation, transfer learning, multi-modal deep learning,…

Estimated: $68,000 - $93,000 a yearQuick Apply

BBN Technologies - Cambridge, MA 4.4

Bachelor's Degree, Industry, Machine Learning, United States. Today, BBN’s scientists and engineers are working on tomorrow’s technologies in information…

Estimated: $100,000 - $140,000 a year