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Easily post jobs, create custom screener questions, and review resumes without paying a dime. Only pay when you’re ready to contact an applicant.
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SimplyHired makes hiring easy.

Lower your cost-per-candidate by asking the right screening questions and reviewing resumes before you pay. Only pay when you’re ready to move forward with a candidate.


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We’re different from typical job posting sites. We post your jobs on over 100 job sites and let the candidates roll in.


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Always free

You'll see resumes, cover letters, and answers to your personalized screening questions. The one thing you won't see: names and contact information.


Choose who to contact

Starting at $4.99

We reveal applicant names and contact information, for a fee. You pay only for the applicants you want to take to the next level. You will never be charged for applicants you don't believe are qualified.


Move towards the hire

Take advantage of hiring workflows and customized email templates to streamline your hiring and communication processes.

Hiring has never been simpler.

Our $100 sign-up bonus means it's never been easier to expand your team.

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Pay less for great hires.

No annual contracts. No pay-per-click. Only pay for applicants you want to contact. The price to contact your applicant can vary depending on job title, location, and job seeker demand.

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Review resumes, cover letters, and screener questions for free. Only pay when you're ready to contact an applicant.

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Break free from pay-per-click and subscription job postings

Tired of paying for subscription plans that don't scale with your business? So are we.

SimplyHiredOther models
Access to millions of job seekers
Only pay for the candidates you want to contact
Post unlimited jobs for free—all from one place
Premium job placement on SimplyHired, Indeed, & over 100 job sites
Hiring solutions & pricing that works with seasonal hiring changes


Hear what our customers are saying

We help businesses find the right hires for their organizations.

  • I like that you only pay for applicants that you feel meet the job requirements. Indeed charges you per applicant whether you like the applicant or not.”
    Jack Lopez
    Hired a Head Chef for his Restaurant
  • I feel like the quality of resumes we receive on Simply Hired are better than what we got from other job sites.”
    Sarah Jackson
    Hired a Digital Marketer
  • I had quick results within the same day of posting a job and had quality applicants to reveal.”
    Dylan Brown
    Hiring for his Sales Team
  • I was able to hire two new team members through the platform, without having to risk spending too much of our hiring budget.”
    Zoe Moore
    Hired Stylist for her Studio
Hey everyone—

I'm Conor, Product Director at SimplyHired

Doesn't it feel amazing when you hire that perfect employee for your business?

As you know, finding quality candidates can be stressful and expensive. But it shouldn't be.

With SimplyHired, you only pay when you're ready to contact a candidate. No more “cost-per-click” advertising or subscription contracts.

You'll love the ability to do all of the below on our platform for FREE:

  • Post jobs to 100+ job sites
  • Qualify candidates via custom screener questions
  • Review resumes and cover letters

Once you're ready to move forward with a candidate, you can access their name and contact information for a small fee (typically between $10.99 and $35.99, depending on the competitiveness of the job).

Our unique “Pay-Per-Contact” pricing model puts you in full control of how much you pay for each job post — all while reducing bias in the hiring process.

We're excited to partner with businesses like yours to make hiring simple!



Each month, your first $25 worth of candidate reveals are on us.

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SimplyHired is an employment website and online recruiting platform that offers a unique pay-to-contact model. At SimplyHired, employers can post unlimited job listings for free and find talented and diverse applicants. It’s simple to use SimplyHired:
  1. Post unlimited jobs for free
  2. Review anonymized applications
  3. Pay to reveal contact information of applicants you deem qualified
Posting jobs is always free on SimplyHired! We use a ‘pay-per-contact’ model where you only pay to reveal the contact information of applicants after you’ve reviewed their application and resume and want to take the next step. The price to reveal an applicant’s contact information varies based on the job title, industry, and market competitiveness.
At SimplyHired there are never contracts or subscriptions, so you never have to worry about canceling.You only pay to reveal the contact information for qualified applicants of your choosing.
SimplyHired offers a simple, risk-free approach to hiring. Simply post your job for free, and we will promote your job on 100+ job boards with premium visibility on Indeed which will give your job posting visibility to millions of job seekers. Your job will stay visible even as new jobs are added. Additionally, SimplyHired allows you to optimize your candidate match with screener questions and assessments.
By design, at SimplyHired you decide which of your applicants is qualified by reviewing their anonymised applications, then, you only pay to reveal the contact information of the applicants you deem qualified. Additionally, our platform will help you save time with custom screener questions and assessments to prune your applicant pool to the most qualified applicants.
At SimplyHired, you only pay to reveal the contact information for the candidates you deem qualified and want to contact. Our competitors will charge you per click or per application and never guarantee applicants are qualified. On other job boards, you may not even receive any applicants! At SimplyHired, you’re in complete control; you decide who’s qualified and you decide what you pay for.